As it is necessary to look after room palm tree

As it is necessary to look after room palm tree

Palm trees belong to very thermophilic plants and are rather exacting to leaving and contents. In weather conditions grow in tropical and subtropical climate where always the sufficient level of humidity and long daylight hours therefore at cultivation of plant in winter garden the additional artificial lighting and moistening is required.

It is required to you

  • — pochvosmes;
  • — pot or tub;
  • — secateurs;
  • — river pebble;
  • — sprayer;
  • — humidifier.


1. In natural weather conditions of palm tree reach the huge sizes. In the conditions of winter garden you will hardly manage it therefore grow up plant far from sunshine and systematically carry out forming of krone for achievement of the sizes necessary to you.

2. Replace just acquired plant in volume pot or barrel, having filled feeder pochvosmes. You can buy mix in flower shop or independently prepare. For this purpose mix in equal parts the turf, the chernozem, sand, wood ashes, peat, the sheet earth, humus. Down tanks for change fill drainage pillow from coarse smooth river pebbles.

3. Establish palm tree at once on the constant place from which you will not move it. Palm trees very much do not love movement and can ache. After change it is abundant water plant.

4. Indoors maintain the air temperature plus 23-24 degrees and humidity of 50-65 percent. For moistening you can systematically sprinkle plant or put the humidifier maintaining optimum level of humidity.

5. Never air the room through air flow. Palma does not transfer drafts. Also the most optimum the option of installation of capacity with plant far from windows and window leaves is considered.

6. Water plant 2-3 times a week. Reduce watering to 1-2 times in the winter. If you make watering once a week, then 2 times carry out spraying.

7. You carry out change of palm trees annually in March, the beginning of April. From fourth year replace plant of 1 times in three years. Systematically replace pochvosmes, delete the begun to rot roots. If the root system has rather strongly expanded, cut off roots sharp secateurs on 1/3. It will allow plant not to grow strongly in height that considerably will facilitate leaving.

8. Delete all leaves which have completely dried. Also cut off sharp secateurs all zavyadshy leaves.

9. Support light conditions by lamps of artificial lighting. The day length has to be 16 hours. During the winter period reduce daylight hours by 2 hours.

10. You make fertilizing complex mineral fertilizers once a month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team