As it is necessary to make up eyes

As it is necessary to make up eyes

most expressive part of the face are eyes, but the illiterate make-up can spoil all business. When putting decorative cosmetics on eyes the accuracy and the correct sequence of actions are extremely important.

It is required to you

  • - means for washing;
  • - the moisturizing cream;
  • - liquid foundation;
  • - powder;
  • - pencil for eyes;
  • - shadows;
  • - ink;
  • - brushes, applicators;
  • - Q-tips.


  1. Prepare the person for drawing make-up. Wash by means of the soft cleaning means, and then rinse skin with cool water. Try not to rub eyes during washing – the redness will not decorate you. Century it is easy to remove morning swelling if to wipe them with cube of cosmetic or food ice.
  2. After washing blot face with towel. If you carry contact lenses, then put on them. Then let's moist skin dry completely and only after it begin to be engaged in make-up.
  3. Surely use creams for century. Skin around eyes very dry and very gentle. It needs to be protected and humidified. Take a little moistening means and apply on upper and lower eyelids with the easy massing movements.
  4. If necessary apply liquid foundation over cream. It is also possible to powder slightly eyelids, then shadows will lay down faultlessly.
  5. Now apply eye shadow. Use the applicator or brush for drawing, and you carry out shading of borders between shades by Q-tip or finger. Impose shadows in the small portions, since the lightest, subtle shades and finishing with the most intensive of them. Carefully pound borders.
  6. Further make contour. You watch that it passed accurately across the line of growth of eyelashes. You should not outline eyes entirely – it will weight make-up and will make it vulgar.
  7. Apply the last ink. Accurately paint over eyelashes, without forgetting that grow in corners of eyes. Only upper eyelashes are usually painted. On lower ink is applied only in case it is about evening make-up. If there are flaws, remove them with Q-tip.
  8. Estimate result. If there are blots, or on one eye color more intensively, than on another – modify errors. Brush and tint eyebrows if it is necessary. The make-up of eyes is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team