As it is possible to buy bath from felling

As it is possible to buy bath from felling

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The tree is eco-friendly material for construction that is especially important at construction of bath. That quicker build steam room on the site, it is necessary to use ready wooden felling. It is possible to choose suitable option if to know features of various designs and property of wood.


1. Pick up materialsrub baths it is carried out from different breeds of both deciduous, and coniferous trees. At production use aspen, fir-tree, pine, cedar, larch. Each wood has the advantages. For example, the fir-tree long keeps white color, has big gummosity, but the suchkovat; the aspen is not exposed to cracking and does not change at long influence with moisture. The larch and cedar exceed other materials on resistance to rotting, but because of high cost is more often applied only to interior finish of bath. Stop the attention on felling from pine. Because of the high content of pitch material depends on atmospheric precipitation and the increased humidity a little. Besides, pine logs when drying are practically not deformed.

2. Choose planning of srubaon depends on several factors, the site size, family composition and availability of means are basic of which. For example, for family of 3-5 people there will be sufficient felling of bath of 3х4 m in size. If you put bath separately, look after the big felling allowing to equip in it not only sweating room, but locker room and washing.

3. Choose type you uglaobratit attention to how felling corners connect among themselves. The main ways of the cabin of corners are "claw" and "bowl". At connection of logs in "bowl" the corners turn out more powerful and stronger. But on them a lot of wood leaves, and therefore the felling turns out expensive. From design in "claw" the corners of felling weaker and are demanded by less forest. Such connection less warm and bath will demand additional protection against cold. If you are not limited in means, choose felling from log with corner "bowl down". Such walls well keep heat, are less subject to atmospheric precipitation, and therefore will longer serve.

4. Determine durability of wood of Property of wood width of its annual rings characterizes: the they are thinner, the material is stronger. If you give preference to pine, choose felling from logs with narrow annual layers. Pay attention to color of cut - it has to be red-brown color.

5. Estimate quality of wood Choose felling from logs on which surface there are no putrefactive manifestations of dark color. Besides, if openings (wormhole) are visible - wood is damaged by bark beetles and is short-lived. Availability of defeats speaks about low-quality material of felling – you should not pay attention to such building.

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