As it is possible to make the fridge most

As it is possible to make the fridge most

Do you gather in trip and are afraid that products can deteriorate? Of course, it is possible to buy the expensive fridge for the machine, and it is possible to make the device for cold preservation with own hands and with minimum of expenses.

It is required to you

  • Convenient bag;
  • Heater or foam rubber with aluminum foil;
  • Plastic bottles or old rubber hot-water bottles;
  • Strong solution of salt;
  • Paper or newspaper;
  • Adhesive tape.


1. The implementation conceived to you requires the small, densely closed bag. It is possible to take that with which you go to the gym.

2. Further it is necessary to buy heater. In any hardware store, frothed polyethylene is on sale - it perfectly is suitable for these purposes. To be necessary for you the piece of such size to sheathe in advance prepared bag from within.

3. As heater it is possible to take also foam rubber, batting or old flannelette blanket. Only after covering these materials, walls of bag will need to be pasted over with aluminum foil for the best deduction of cold.

4. We do tab pattern. Use of construction heater will be the most convenient and effective option. Especially as to be necessary for you for gluing together of such pattern the normal adhesive tape. Consider that the pattern needs to be made with ""lid"".

5. Further we start refrigerating elements. The plastic bottles or hot-water bottles filled with strong solution of table salt best of all will be suitable for this purpose (6 tablespoons on 1 liter of water). They need previously to be frozen in the freezer.

6. It is necessary to paper products which you want to keep fresh or several layers. We put on bottom the frozen bottles, then products, then again bottles or hot-water bottle. From above we wrap up with towel, we close ""lid"" (for the best thermal insulation it is possible to paste it adhesive tape), then we close bag and we go to travel!

7. Products in such fridge can quietly ""travel"" about day, remaining at the same time fresh and cold.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team