As it is possible to use coffee cake

As it is possible to use coffee cake

As a lot of good flies to garbage can! Especially if houses are the coffee machine, then to throw out coffee cake is just crime! Valuable properties of coffee thick will help to increase productivity on kitchen garden and will lead to magnificent blossoming in garden.

Any of us likes to drink cup of fragrant, hot coffee in the mornings. Coffee has property to invigorate the person and everyone knows about it, but not all are informed on high qualities of waste of coffee. And who knows, actively applies it for the good to himself and the family budget.

How to use coffee thick on kitchen garden

Coffee cake is applied in kitchen garden by experienced gardeners. It has property not only to give cheerfulness to the person, but stimulates growth and vital processes of green plantings.

  • Gardeners actively use coffee waste during landing time of seedling of vegetables and flowers. Such fertilizer perfectly is suitable for fruit-trees, the long-term blossoming decorative bushes. On the basis of coffee cake do fertilizing to roses, azaleas, hydrangea, camellias, rhododendrons.
  • Waste of the coffee machine has property to well frighten off wreckers.
  • For watering of plants it is good to add thick to water. Coffee cake is rich with potassium, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, these substances will become natural fertilizing both for garden, and for houseplants. That flowers acquired coffee thick better, at first water plants with dense mix of water and coffee waste, and then is abundant spill water.
  • It is possible to mix coffee cake with compost, for the best efficiency of fertilizer.
  • There is one small secret: if to mix coffee cake and seeds of carrot, then seeds very quickly descend. Besides, orange root crops grow sweet and juicy to taste.
  • In gardening coffee cake is used as means from wreckers. It turns out that the coffee smell very much is not pleasant to various insects. It is unpleasant to all who like to spoil our gardens and kitchen gardens. This smell is not digested by various slugs, snails. They big fans to spoil harvest of gardens and kitchen gardens. Cake and for fight against ants is good. Quite often on seasonal dachas the red ants suit the whole settlements that makes to death of some vegetables. Just scatter cake on their lodges, you will see what effect gives coffee.
  • If the earth on the site clay, then waste of the coffee machine makes it easier and friable.

If at dog or cat fleas were got

Coffee cake is used also by fans of animals as effective remedy from fleas. Very few people know about it. Fleas very much are afraid of both smell, and taste of coffee. If, your pet has such problem try to use waste of coffee. After bathing of dog, it is necessary to rub cake in its wool. The effect will appear in hour after the procedure, fleas will begin to run away from unpleasant smell.

How to collect and store coffee cake

It is possible to collect waste after welding of coffee all the year round. The only condition - coffee thick should be dried up properly. Dry weak ground coffee is picked in glass or plastic container for the subsequent use on kitchen garden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team