As most to build the base

As most to build the base

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Continuous footing which does not possess difficult design and does not demand high qualification when laying is most demanded and widespread. It can be constructed the hands, at the same time having saved quite quite good sum and having received satisfactory result.

Preparation for construction

Before building the base, clean construction site from garbage, bushes, weeds and trees. Level surface and carry out marking works, having noted straight line which is equal longwise to one of sides of the base on the earth and hammer armature pieces on its edges. Then break corners in 90 degrees, measure length of the cross parties and also fix their ends by armature. Pull thick fishing line on external perimeter of the base.

To check correctness of marking, measure length of diagonals of the received rectangle – they have to be identical.

Having finished with marking, dig between rated depth and the trench tense by fishing line. Rated depth has to pass 20 centimeters below than the level of freezing of soil around construction and be measured from earth mark in the lowest corner. To level bottom dug trenches in one level, use engineering or water level – otherwise, the different height of underground part of the base will give uneven drawdown at operation. At the bottom lay to trench layer of bank sand 15 centimeters thick, water it and stamp. Sheathe walls of trench roofing material or cement slurry that water from concrete has not gone to soil.

Construction of the base

Measure 5-7 centimeters up from bottom of trench and lay 3 armatures with a diameter of 12 millimeters. Across (step of 30-35 centimeters) arrange assembly rods and fasten them to armature lashing wire. Make similar frameworks in middle and upper part of the base, having tied them to vertical pieces of armature with a diameter of 8 millimeters. Then fill in trench with concrete at one time and condense mix, having leveled and having smoothed down surface trowel. Week when concrete grabs later, build base socle from blocks, brick, mass concrete or natural stone. Then make timbering, having brought down boards from detachable boards, plywood or chipboards plates. Fix them on external and internal perimeter of the base and attach to the racks hammered into the earth.

That form construction was rigid, prop up it from outer sides props and connect tops of racks wire twists.

Before underpouring close boards polyethylene or roofing material from within and place frameworks from armature inside. After hardening of concrete remove timbering and cover the base with waterproofing from hot construction bitumen and layer of roofing material. Fill up side bosoms of design with sand and carefully stamp it. That water did not filter, arrange blind area 1 meter wide from outer end of the building. Your base is ready.

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