As most to flood the column base

As most to flood the column base

The Melkozaglublenny column bases with depth of underlay of 40-70 cm construct on sandy and rocky soils with low level of underground water. The buried bases arrange on the clay soil saturated with water 0.3-0.5 m lower than frost depth.


1. Before starting works on arrangement of the column base, the site is cleaned and eliminate roughnesses, holes pour soil. Do marking, axes fix according to drawings, controlling corners and diagonals.

2. Holes for columns can be dug out manually or by means of the excavator, at the same time it is necessary to observe their exact arrangement on axes. Openings of holes have to be wider, than the size of columns, it will provide possibility of mounting of timbering and struts.

3. If depth of holes is less than 1 m, there is no need to do additional strengthening of walls. For holes more than 1 m it is necessary to dig hole with slopes, and then to make fastenings with struts of boards.

4. When holes are ready, do timbering of boards 40 mm long and 100-150 mm wide. Boards can be made of plywood, chipboard, it is also possible to apply instead of them sheets of iron. If you have decided to make fixed timbering, it is the best of all to use iron or asbestos-cement pipes with a diameter of 100 mm or more.

5. Reinforcing of the base is carried out by means of rods, doing horizontal crossing points of wire 6 mm thick. At the same time exit of rods for communication of grillage and framework has to make 150 mm over the surface of the base.

6. After that do filling by concrete layers on 200 mm, stamp ready mix by means of immersion vibrator. Then carry out waterproofing. On damp soil for this purpose apply two layers of roofing material, on others it is possible to use one layer.

7. For mounting of grillage of crossing point connect by means of armature scraps, weld them assembly loops and do timbering then construct framework from armature. The concrete belt can be done monolithic or with use of reinforced concrete beams. After underpouring it is necessary to take break until concrete does not gather standard strength. Then perform works on waterproofing and fill up holes with soil.

8. To protect space under the house from rain, snow and cold air, it is necessary to make fencing — wall between base columns. As a rule, it is constructed brick, leaving openings for supply of communications and ventilation. Fencing is not connected with columns, otherwise cracks at draft can appear.

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