As most to make folding table

As most to make folding table

Folding table in economy – very convenient thing. It can be taken on the nature, to remove temporarily for cabinet or for sofa and to get in case of need. It is independently possible to make folding table for weekend, it is for this purpose optional to have special skills of the joiner.

It is required to you

  • - plywood or chipboard for table-top;
  • - bar of 40х20 mm;
  • - fixture;
  • - fret saw;
  • - drill;
  • - tape measure.


1. On veneer sheet or chipboard you vnachertit two identical parts of table-top. The size of one part has to be about 340х500 mm, round off two corners on one of the long parties that the table looked accurately. Having drawn contours of parts and, having made sure that all parties are parallel and corners are equal 90 ⁰, cut them the fret saw.

2. If you do table-top of chipboard, surely process edges. For this purpose buy edging tape of suitable width and paste it on faces, having heated the iron or having applied Liquid Nails glue.

3. Make four legs of bar of 20х40 mm. Each of them has to be the following sizes: the total length of 687 mm, one of edges it is rounded off, and another is cut off at an angle 45 ⁰ (on the wide party of bar of 40 mm). In the rounded-off end make through hole under bolt, at distance of 20 mm from edge, with a diameter of 6 mm.

4. That hat of bolt of the village it is dense, in addition make deepening on 4-5 mm with a diameter of 12 mm. Landing has to be mirror that on each leg the bolt entered from outer end of table. At distance of 373 mm from round edge on the center of leg make one more opening.

5. Make four crossbeams of the same bar. Length of one crossbeam of 500 mm. On the wide party at one of edges smoothly cut off both corners so that the semi-circle has turned out (in the center at distance of 20 mm from edge also drill opening), and at other edge – only one corner.

6. That legs of table did not part, make crossbeams of bar. Length of crossbeams of 380 mm, is required to you two pieces.

7. Collect table. Fix crossbeams on table-top halves so that they were symmetric. Crossbeams go parallel to the long parties of table (that is to the short parties of two halves), in pairs from each party. Distance between two next crossbeams – 40 mm (it is necessary that two legs freely were located between them).

8. By means of bolts collect in pairs legs and fix them on crossbeams. Connect legs among themselves and check operability of self-made folding table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team