As most to make glued bar

As most to make glued bar

It is very difficult to get glued bar in small amounts. But it can be necessary during repair of the room or furniture (for example, for saunas and baths). In this case will help out method of manufacture of this sawn timber the hands.

The glued bar represents the sawn timber consisting of several wooden cloths which are stuck together among themselves. Made independently, it is more favorable factory not only financially. With own hand made sawn timber can be any size, section, more quality.

Concerning the last parameter from buyers of factory glued bar many complaints arrive. For the purpose of economy for pasting the producers quite often use wood of poor quality that defines low strength characteristics of finished product.

What is required for independent production of glued bar?

Boards from which stick together bar call lamels. They have to be equal, without signs of decay, cracks, well dried up, with the minimum quantity of knots. Basic rule of pasting of bar is as follows: lamels have to be laid so that their annual rings were multidirectional. Besides wood it is necessary to stock up with glue. To optimum use PUR-glue of 510 FiberBond. This structure is developed for wood pasting therefore will provide high strength of connection of boards. But it is possible to take and any other, intended for woodworks. From tools clamps, hacksaw, solvent will be necessary for material degreasing, ognebiozashchitny structure, abrasive paper of average granularity.

How to make glued bar with own hands?

Glued bar it is possible to produce by three methods: by method of connection of three lamels; two lamels connected by letter Z; stuck together from lamels with inserts. The first as it much more simply and quicker is most often used. At first make selection of boards for pasting of bar, then stack their one on another so that annual rings have been sent to the opposite directions. Then boards should be signed with simple pencil or marker. This precaution will allow not to mix sequence of their laying. Then, the central board is processed on both sides abrasive paper that will roughen it. It will increase adhesion of glue to wood. Side lamels process only on the one hand: that which will be in bar. Further, dust removal and degreasing of these surfaces by means of solvent and ognebiozashchitny structure is made. These liquids in turn apply on boards: at first solvent on sanded up surfaces, and after its drying – protective impregnation. Cover with it all parties of sawn timber, including faces. Then apply glue on lamels with layer of 1-2 mm. Boards stack at each other so that their faces formed the uniform plane from each of the parties of bar. Then lamels fasten with clamps which have to defend from each other on 40-45 cm. Time of drying of glue is specified in the instruction to structure, but it usually does not exceed 1-2 days.

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