As most to make kartofelekopalka

As most to make kartofelekopalka

Kartofelekopalka – the irreplaceable unit in the economy having considerable acreage. It allows to minimize manual work when harvesting and to accelerate agricultural process. Working knots from the old, served the machines and mechanisms will be suitable for independent production of such useful adaptation.

It is required to you

  • - knots and units from old farm vehicles and mechanisms;
  • - channel steel;
  • - steel plates;
  • - armature;
  • - two bicycle wheels;
  • - welding machine;
  • - tools for work with metal;
  • - set of wrenches;
  • - fastening elements (bolts, nuts, washers).


1. Build frame of kartofelekopalka from channel steel, having added strut. Fasten constructive parts of the basis among themselves with welding and strengthen steel plates in places of joints.

2. As basic knot take the standard transport cart with wheels of compound type. For torque transmission use wave of selection of power of the tractor which will pull kopalka.

3. For drawing up the kinematic scheme of kartofelekopalka use cardan transfers from steering system of the T-40 tractor and chain gears from motor scooter Tula. Two bar transfers on the basis of roller chains from the PRD farm vehicles will be suitable for cleaner of drum type and elevator.

4. Execute cleaning drum from two obod taken from bicycle wheels, having connected them in the form of "squirrel wheel". For ensuring the required rigidity strengthen design bars from armature, having attached them welding. The drum will be rotated on two axes and to shaft fixed on basic disk.

5. Whenever possible use the elevator conveyor from the serial combine which has served the intended for cleaning of root crops, having truncated it on width. Adjustment of the conveyor achieve that the motion speed of chain tape was slightly higher than the speed with which potatoes bush separated by ploughshare crawls.

6. Make ploughshare of steel plate not less than 5 mm thick or cut down from disk knife of circular saw. Attach this operating part four bolts with countersunk heads to elevator casing. For prevention of cuts of root crops use oval sharpening of ploughshare at an angle about 30 degrees.

7. For change of working corner of ploughshare provide possibility of change of inclination of elevator in the place of fastening of casing to bearer frame.

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