As quickly to the apartment to bring order

As quickly to the apartment to bring order

It seems that the more the apartment, the is more difficult to keep order in it. Of course, the small room can be cleaned quicker. But if to approach this process with skill, even five-room apartments for half an hour will sparkle purity.


1. Not to spend long hours for capital cleaning, create the rule - every day fifteen - give twenty minutes to reduction of the apartment in order. Separate the placement on zones, then everything will turn out.

2. In fifteen minutes it is possible to wash the floor in kitchen and to polish plate, sink, the crane to gloss. Let it will be task on Monday. In cleaning use rags from microfiber and means for cleaning of various surfaces. Then there will be no stain left, and dirt will be wiped very quickly.

3. On Tuesday - vacuum carpets in all apartment and wipe laminate or parquet with damp rag with special means. It will occupy ten - fifteen minutes. Five more minutes - wipe dust.

4. Wednesday - wash windowsills, chandeliers, lamps. Wipe interroom doors. Get brush with the bending handle and sponge. Then cleaning of remote surfaces will become not so difficult.

5. Thursday - you clean bathtub and wash tile. Polish the crane and shower to gloss. For this purpose twenty minutes are enough. That the mold was not got, leave door in bathtub open more often and do not close it after acceptance of shower.

6. Friday - not really pleasant occupation - cleaning of the toilet room and cleaning of toilet bowl. Use special means which prevent reproduction of harmful bacteria, and the brush capable to get into the most remote parts of plumbing.

7. Saturday and Sunday - the days off. Therefore everything that needs - to be spread out in thing cabinets if you have accidentally placed them on backs of chairs. Thus, your apartment will be in purity always. And even unexpected guests will not overtake you unawares.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team