As replace fir

As replace fir

To replace fir from the wood or bought in nursery on the site, it is necessary to choose, first of all, carefully the place for landing. Fir – krupnomer. It needs the big area of power supply.

  • - fir sapling;
  • - shovel;
  • - soil;
  • - landing hole.

1. If the fir lands single – soliter – the areas of power supply for it has to be not less than four meters. That is, in radius of two meters from tree it is impossible to put anything any more. Especially it concerns fir balsam. If you put the fir avenue, the distance between trees in it has to be not less than four-five meters. When landing several trees by group leave distance between them not less than three meters. In green hedges of fir two and a half meters have in chessboard order at distance.

2. Further it is necessary to take care of the soil. Firs love the damp, but not rehumidified soils, fertile, well trained. Best of all loam will approach. The drainage is obligatory – stagnation of water under roots of fir will lead to defeat by fungal diseases and to the slowed-down growth of tree.

3. Shadowing also will be suitable for landing of fir, but beam of all it will grow and form beautiful krone of the correct form in the sun. Firs – plants wind-resistant as have powerful deep root system. But the bvlzamichesky fir can on heavy soils stop forming of the main root and form superficial root system of branched side backs. In this case strong wind can fell tree.

4. It is the best of all to plant fir in the spring, in April, but it is possible to make it and in the fall, in September-October. For landing it is necessary to choose cloudy, but not cold day. It is desirable rainy. As sapling the plant is chosen 5-7 years are not more senior. The place of landing needs to be prepared in advance, in two weeks.

5. The landing hole is dug out by 80 cm in depth. Its its width depends on the size of root system which is approximately equal to krone size. If the soil heavy, it is necessary to fill on bottom of hole drainage crushed stone layer or beaten brick in 20 centimeters. Then the small layer of fertile soil, 15 centimeters is filled. The soil has to be the following structure: sheet humus, the garden earth, peat, bank sand in proportions – 3:2:1:1. 10 kg of small sawdust and 300 g of nitroammofoska are added to this mix. Everything mixes up.

6. The sapling is dug round on perimeter of radical lump, accurately taken and transferred to the place of landing. At the bottom of hole it is necessary to create hillock from the soil. To powder it with the garden earth and to establish tree, having roots horizontally. The hole is filled up with soil. The root neck of tree has to be at the level of the soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team