As stretch ceilings look

As stretch ceilings look

Choosing stretch ceiling it is necessary to consider features of cloths as each of them is capable to create indoors the, special atmosphere. If creativity is required, it is recommended to pay attention to designs from translucent films.


1. To consider that ceiling – not remarkable plane to which seldom pay attention at least it is wrong. On the contrary, both the udachnost of design of the room, and its microclimate in many respects depends on its exterior.

2. Why it is worth choosing stretch ceiling? These designs not only give to ceiling ideal flatness, but allow to decorate it in various styles. By means of tension cloths it is possible to differentiate visually room zones, to make ceiling multilevel, to establish illumination. Speed and faultlessness of mounting will please any owner. This work will not demand "wet" processes and will hide all shortcomings of the "draft" plane.

3. How do stretch ceilings look? The main distinction of cloths consists in the invoice of material. Glossy films allow to solve one of the main problems of modern small-sized apartments – low arrangement of ceiling which renders the "pressing" impact on mentality of residents. Varnish cloths allow to increase visually room space, look presentably and give to the room special elegance. Issued dot by lamps, they, thanks to the reflecting material properties, create feeling of solemnity.

4. Opaque film ceilings are ideal for any premises. They have appearance of smoothly plastered surface, emphasize feature of design and do not distract attention. It is possible to choose different configuration of design, and the color scheme of cloth will prompt room interior. Opaque film ceilings in bedrooms and nurseries are especially good. They create feeling of cosiness, in such rooms there is pacifying situation.

5. The smartest of tension designs – fabric. The invoice of these cloths can be various. There are imitations of velvet, flock, brocade, artificial stone and other materials. The light-transmitting ceilings executed in style of the star sky are extremely interesting. There are fabric invoices with pearl gloss, with aluminum pigment. All of them are capable not only to decorate the room, but also to make it unique.

6. The apartment issued by translucent ceilings looks unusually and very creatively. Such cloths are capable to fascinate by special, fascinating shadow play. The soft muffled illumination it is dense will create the atmosphere of cosiness and luxury. Any stretch ceiling looks as faultlessly equal cloth, the exterior creating the unique atmosphere of harmony and cosiness in the room. These designs are capable to fit easily and quickly into any interior, emphasizing its features and giving to design of the room completeness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team