As the estimate on repair of roof is formed

As the estimate on repair of roof is formed

Correctly to make the estimate on repair of roof, it is required to know about the cost of materials, to make calculation of their quantity, to consider all operations which will be made during repair of roof. For private developers and production workers there are different requirements to drawing up the estimate.

It is required to you

  • - standard form or sheet of normal paper;
  • - price of cost of materials;
  • - data on hourly tariff of payment of the equipment and work of workers;
  • - calculator;
  • - handle and pencil;
  • - punch list;
  • - conclusion of the expert about the list of necessary works and materials.


1. Calculations of amount of materials which will be required on construction or finishing of elements of the building and planning of expenses on their purchase and compensation by the worker have to precede each stage of construction. This process of the preliminary analysis of the forthcoming works is called drawing up the estimate. It represents complex of records which give full detailed picture of the forthcoming expenses. The estimate on the normal sheet of paper or on the special form is formed. It is necessary to prepare the calculator as complexity of calculations high.

2. Preliminary analysis. First, there has to be assessment of current state of roof, secondly – the way of elimination of its shortcomings is found. If repair of roof means replacement of finishing and cosmetic correction, then it is necessary to decide on what will be for this purpose used materials.

3. For example, for superficial repair of roof from professional flooring it is enough to buy the structures (acetone, solvent, gasoline) degreasing metal, anticorrosive primer and the necessary quantity of spray paints of the same color, as the professional sheet. If the roof needs major repair, it is necessary to make sure that heater replacement, hydra and vapor barrier, rafters or parts of furring will not be required. Also the labor input of the forthcoming works is estimated: whether involvement of additional labor what tools will be necessary will be required.

4. For the private developer will be enough if the following items are part of the estimate: - the list of materials which will be required for elimination of shortcomings of roof; - the list of the tool by means of which work will be performed; - expenses on compensation to hired labor; - data on the cost of construction materials for measuring unit; - calculation of amount of materials; - transportation costs on delivery.

5. If the estimate is formed on production object, requirements to this document more serious. First, it is carried out only on the form of the established sample, secondly – each point has to be documented. For example, the amount of any given material specified in the estimate has to be proved by the punch list of preliminary examination of roof and the conclusion of the expert about need of use under repair it, but not other product.

6. The estimated cost of the works which are directly connected with repair of roof goes separate point in this document. This list has to include all operations which will require to be executed fault recovery and defects. In the estimate both the hourly payment (tariff) of work of workers and cost of operation of the equipment is put.

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