As the laser printer works

As the laser printer works

The laser printer on design and the organization of the press significantly differs from other printers. It prints not liquid ink as the inkjet printer, and not solid dyes as the tverdochernilny device, and dry polymeric granules which are fused into in paper, leaving accurate and qualitative texts and images on its surface.

The laser printer uses for work technology of dry electrostatic transfer of dyes – electrography. The image is formed by lighting by laser beam of photosensitive elements of the printer. Dry process of laser printing is called as the used dye – dry ink or toner which represent fine powder with microgranules of 3-5 microns, on consistence similar to powder or flour.

Preparatory stage

Within minute after inclusion the laser printer leaves in the readiness mode for printing. There are models with zero time of start which leave in the readiness mode at once after power supply inclusion.

Before sending task for the press make sure that in the printer paper of the necessary format is filled. The majority of laser printers accept A4 format materials (size of album leaf). Paper is loaded into the sliding cartridge, folding (roundabout) tray or the connector of manual cutsheet giving.

When the printer receives press task, it starts photodrum charging – hollow metal cylinder with dielectric covering. For this purpose the roller of charge nestles on photodrum and transfers uniform negative charge to its surface.

Forming of the image

The beam of the laser traces template of future document on the surface of the photoreel. In places where the laser has concerned the surface of the photoreel, the negative charge gains positive value. The roller of development accepts toner on the surface and transfers it to photodrum. Particles of toner stick only to sites which the laser beam has concerned. After development on photodrum there is image of future document. Between photodrum and roller of transfer the sheet of paper is rolled. The roller of transfer draws the tonerny image from photodrum on paper.

Final stage

The leaf with toner arrives in fyyuzer, here it is stretched between heating and clamping shaft. Under the influence of high temperature the toner melts and baked on paper. At the exit from fyyuzer the toner is cooled and hardens. After the ready document comes to output tray of the laser printer, the squeegee brushes away particles of toner and the paper dust which has remained on the surface of the photoreel in the bunker for working off. The roller of charge is rolled along photodrum, neutralizing the charge left on its surface laser beam. If the document consists of several pages, then after removal of charge the cycle of the press is repeated anew.

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