As the ramson grows

As the ramson grows

Ramson – the early-spring plant rich with vitamin C. Love it for original garlic taste. It is possible to buy ramson in the markets, and it is possible to grow up on the seasonal dacha, having provided with seven tasty fresh greens salads.

Choice of the site

The ramson grows at the dacha also well, as well as in the forest if to choose the suitable place on the site. The site has to be equal and rather shaded. Besides, in this place the melt water should not stand.

Soil is loosened on depth to 30-40 cm and enriched with organic chemistry. It is desirable to bring on 1 square meter of the soil bucket of the rerotting manure or compost and also on 15 g of ammonium nitrate, 15-20 g of superphosphate, 15-20 g of potash salt.

Landing by bulbs

Cultivation of ramson bulbs is considered in the preferable way. Land so that the upper part of bulbs in the form of the braiding grid looked out of the earth. The distance between holes makes 35-40 cm. For survival guarantee in each hole recommend to put 2 onions. The ramson changes during the period from the middle of July to the middle of September. By this time the plant is in rest and therefore manages to take root and get stronger on the new place.

How to grow up ramson from seeds

It is necessary to collect ramson seeds prior to the beginning of July as by this time they already begin to be showered. Seeds very quickly lose viability therefore it is recommended to sow them right after collecting in the damp and loosened soil mulched on depth of 2-3 cm. For crops it is better to use box which is trenched in in the fall on the site and close snow. The ramson of the usual size at cultivation from seeds becomes only for the third year after landing.

Care for ramson

Cultivation of ramson does not differ in special complexity as the plant is unpretentious. As soon as there are first shoots in the early spring, it is necessary to clear accurately site of last year's foliage and to replace to it ramson bulbs from the box which has wintered under snow. In the middle of April do the first fertilizing, using urea solution. On bucket of water take 15-20 g of fertilizer. The second fertilizing is carried out in May-June when blossoming comes to the end. Use mineral fertilizers or ashes, having parted 30 g of substance in water bucket. The soil has to be damp throughout the entire period of vegetation. Watering is stopped in the middle of July when leaves of ramson begin to turn yellow. The ramson bulb within year rises from the earth on 0.5 cm and releases horizontal roots. Therefore from second year it is necessary to powder onions with the fallen-down foliage. Rotten leaves will give to plant necessary nutrients and will create natural conditions for good growth. During snow winter use of the additional shelter is not required. At insufficient quantity of snow the ramson is covered with straw or fir twigs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team