As the vapor barrier of steam room is made of aluminum foil

As the vapor barrier of steam room is made of aluminum foil

To construct on own site bath which will serve to you belief and the truth many years it is necessary to provide the comfortable temperature and normal humidity inside. For this purpose in construction it is necessary to create reliable and effective parobaryer.

Joint influence of steam, characteristic of bath, and moisture perniciously influences construction. Humid environment indoors promotes formation of large amount of condensate and also strengthens destructive processes in building constructions and materials.

For what the vapor barrier in pair office is necessary

In steam room the most high temperature and humidity and also the increased concentration of steam. At carefully thought over and executed vapor barrier it is possible to reach optimum ratio of temperature and humidity. Modern paroizolyatsionny materials work in such a way that moisture and steam from within the room cannot get outside, and water from the external environment cannot get inside. So the building can provide long life cycle as materials will manage to be kept long in good condition.

Among modern materials, popular for the device of vapor barrier, often use the polypropylene laminated by foil. It is resistant also to action of the increased temperatures, and to excess steam. Thanks to performance of vapor barrier with this material the accelerated heating of the room will be provided, and heat waste will be reduced as much as possible that will help to keep optimum temperature in steam room.

Performance of vapor barrier

In steam room it is better to begin the device of vapor barrier with ceiling. Material fix under covering by means of the normal construction stapler or nakolachivat through rail nails through each one and a half-two centimeters. The vapor barrier keeps within the foiled layer down. It is necessary to connect material cloths end-to-end, using for this purpose adhesive tape. The airspace between covering and insulating material that air could circulate freely there has to be by all means provided. Older method of vapor barrier consists in the following. The ceiling from the attic is sheathed by six-centimetric boards, aluminum foil from above becomes stronger, then arrange layer of soft clay, and in the conclusion also layer of heater. The vapor barrier of walls of steam room is the same way carried out. Competent holding paroizolyatsionny actions will help to create the comfortable atmosphere in steam room, and costs of materials will pay off very quickly due to economy of energy resources for maintenance of heat. Without the correct arrangement of the room heat will flow away through walls. Indoors with correctly equipped isolation not only the favorable microclimate is provided, but also the covering of surfaces receives additional protection that helps facing materials to keep beautiful exterior longer.

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