As the wooden house looks

As the wooden house looks

Once wooden architecture prevailed throughout Russia. Wooden houses were various, from normal log huts in which there lived peasants, to the magnificent towers serving as the dwelling for notable especially and merchants. Today wooden houses look just magnificently, thanks to modern materials.

Today wooden houses differ in big variety. Especially beautifully houses from tree look against the background of country landscape, in environment of garden and park greens. Therefore many prefer to build country houses in which rest and cosiness reigns of tree. How the wooden house looks, depends on ways of processing of material for construction, on the project, on the decor and materials used when finishing the house.

In finishing of wooden house are used as natural materials, including natural stone, and the artificial, imitating invoice of tree or stone. Modern handymen decorate wooden houses with wood carving, turning the dwelling into true piece of art.

As chopped wooden houses look

Incredibly beautifully and richly the real log houses look. In such house the delicate aroma of tree which is well operating on owners long remains. The pacifying atmosphere of the true homeliness and heat which sometimes so is not enough for modern dwellings reigns in log wooden house. However before deciding on construction of such house, it is necessary to make sure that you managed to find the expert of the business familiar with all subtleties of construction of the wooden log house. Otherwise all flaws allowed at construction will spoil exterior of the house soon and will make accommodation in it uncomfortable.

As wooden houses from bar look

Construction companies offer customers today wide choice of wooden houses which gather from the pro-thinned-out, glued bar or the rounded log giving to exterior of the house originality and high esthetics. Unlike log houses, wooden houses from bar almost do not shrink. It means that final finishing of the house, and it is also possible to do installation of windows and doors right after its assembly. The old houses put from tree quickly darkened under the influence of the external environment. Today wooden houses, thanks to processing of construction materials the special substances preventing rotting and darkening of tree, long time keep natural zolotistost of wood. Besides, there are special impregnations increasing fire resistance of wood. Such processing does housing of tree not just comfortable, but safe. Modern technologies considerably increase comfort of wooden house as allow to equip it not worse, than the city apartment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team