As there has taken place licensing of management companies

On May 1, 2015 the term to which the organizations working in housing sector had to undergo licensing has ended. Whether there will be Federal law on licensing in housing sector of 21.04.2014 - starting point in development of the municipal industry in Russia or housing will meet new difficulties.

Than tested public authorities of applicants for obtaining the license?

Obtaining the certificate for the head of the organization was the very first stage. Besides requirements about lack of criminal record for average, serious and economic crimes were imposed to the head.

The certificate was issued for 86 correct answers from 100 questions on computer testing. All questions have been given to directors in advance and did not cause special problems for delivery in heads.

Thus, more than 90% of directors have received qualification certificates for five years without special difficulties.

Verification of documentation on the multifamily houses shown for inclusion in the license for the entire period of time of management of houses had to be the next stage. Here too management companies used cunning and specified the underestimated periods of management. And not seldom instead of 5 years specified only 1 year of management. And because of big load of housing inspectorates, there was no opportunity to check data of management companies.

Even departure of inspections in offices of management companies for check of stands with information on UK has been replaced with sending the photo of such stand.

Filling of information on the houses included in licensing on own website of UK and also on the Federal website "" was the last stage. If on the Federal website the housing inspectorate was also in time, something to check, then the personal websites of management companies have remained unaddressed practically. And on the website Reform of housing and public utilities most the companies had empty columns almost in all graphs about technical information of residential buildings.

Thus, licensing has taken place in emergency mode and could not reveal real picture in housing sector. Though the most backward companies nevertheless have been eliminated, but they were only a few percent.

Now the companies which have obtained licenses can face possibility of their loss at inadequate management.

What can the law on licensing threaten residents with? The situation develops not in advantage of the people living in problem houses, especially with the inhabitants who are constantly writing to supervisory authorities. Such houses will appear behind board of public service and will dangle at competition in city administration. Because of fear to lose the license management companies will dump heap of problem houses from ballast. Therefore in a number of the cities the social tension can be tensed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team