As to decorate with spheres the apartment

As to decorate with spheres the apartment

Balloons – usual attribute of holidays. However, often they just hang on wall, adding to interior of 2-3 bright spots, but no more than that. And it is possible to make panel of balls, to do beds and capacity with gifts. Try all these options of use of balloons, decorating the apartment by the next holiday.

It is required to you

  • — balloons;
  • — threads;
  • — paper;
  • — scissors;
  • — bilateral adhesive tape;
  • — serpentine;
  • — confetti.


1. Make chain of balloons of different flowers. At the same time their size has to be approximately identical. For convenience of connection of elements in single whole use special spheres-linkingi. At them, unlike normal, two "tails". So you will need only to inflate balls and to bind them consistently to each other. Such tape can be hung up on perimeter of door openings and windows, having attached by means of pieces of bilateral adhesive tape.

2. On the occasion of especially solemn holiday of wall, floor, ceiling of the apartment can be issued in flowers from spheres. Inflate two balls, tie them, and then overwind their "tails" among themselves and tie up thread. Prepare couple more of such elements. Then put the connected balls crossing points cross-wise and overwind. Add these lobes with small ball in the center. If on the center to fix oblong sphere, at you the butterfly will turn out.

3. It is possible to make the whole cloth with congratulation of set of the simplest balls, peculiar air card. Just paste on wall parallel ranks of spheres closely to each other. Balls of contrast color lay out congratulation or the drawing on this cloth. That the design kept more strong, add pieces of bilateral adhesive tape on sides of the next spheres.

4. On floor in each room it is possible to make multi-colored air beds. Take the spheres of different flowers and the sizes inflated with helium. Bind them on strings of various length, tie cargoes to the end of threads. Arrange preparations so that in the center there was ball on the longest cord, around it – on shorter, then – row is even lower.

5. Helium spheres will well look not only on floor, but also under ceiling. Fill with monophonic spheres all area of ceiling. It is possible to tie the multi-colored serpentine or strings of different length with the hooked paper snowflakes, asterisks, etc. to them.

6. From the big balloon the piñata – traditional Mexican toy will turn out. Fill sphere with small souvenirs, candies or multi-colored confetti. Inflate it and suspend under ceiling in the center of the room. Participants of party will need to puncture sphere – and the rain of gifts will fall upon them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team