As well as in what pot to replace dragon tree

As well as in what pot to replace dragon tree

Dragon tree – effective ornamental plant. She can decorate any interior, she perfectly looks as at office, and at home. To provide good conditions for growth of plant, it is necessary to know some subtleties of care for it.

It is required to you

  • - plastikovy flowerpot;
  • - universal soil for flowers.


1. That the dragon tree could prove in all beauty, it is necessary to watch carefully its development, in time to feed up, water and replace as required. It needs especially to be made in case roots of plant have filled old pot and have forced out the soil from it. In such conditions the dragon tree slows down the growth, leaves dry up. As a result – the plant can die.

2. It is better to make change at the beginning of spring when the plant leaves condition of winter rest therefore will transfer change easier and it will be restored quicker. Also autumn change is in case of emergency allowed in case in pot wreckers have appeared or the dragon tree has been acquired in shop at this time.

3. The fact is that on sale the young plants can be met in very small pots, and soil in them is not intended for long finding in it of dragon tree therefore change is in that case necessary. However, it is not obligatory to disturb at change roots, in most cases there is enough transfer – when the plant with earth lump rolls over in pot of the bigger size.

4. When choosing new pot it is necessary to consider that roots of dragon tree seek to grow deep into, but not in width, therefore, it is necessary to choose high and steady pot. At the same time it is not necessary that it was wide and too big – such pot is undesirable as the soil in it can sour and the plant will die. Optimum, when the new pot is wider previous no more, than on 5 cm.

5. The soil for change has to be feeder, friable, air. The ideal option is to buy universal flower soil in Priroda shop. It is worth to remember also about drainage: the coarse pebbles, gravel will approach. Before use it is necessary to wash out stones in flowing water and to lower in strong solution of potassium permanganate for 10 min. to get rid of possible infections and wreckers.

6. On bottom of pot it is necessary to fill layer of drainage 1.5-2 cm high, from above thin layer of earth. To take out plant together with dry lump of the earth from old pot, to clean, as much as possible. Then to put plant in new pot, trying to arrange roots on the center and to fill emptiness between earth lump and walls of new pot, condensing the earth. The root neck has to be located at the level of the soil, it is not necessary to bury it. After filling of pot with soil it is necessary to water dragon tree.

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