As well as than to feed up cucumbers

As well as than to feed up cucumbers

Only one cucumber with bitter ""buttocks"" can spoil all salad, and try guess what of them will create this joke. Cucumbers in Russia have appeared long ago, special attention to them was paid by the tsar Peter I, has even issued the decree on creation of special farms on cultivation of this culture. But long before the tsar this vegetable had success with the people. Plant this quite whimsical and to receive good harvest, it is necessary to work.

To receive good harvest, it is necessary to pay special attention to various fertilizing, beginning from seedling and finishing with the last removed cucumber. The plant needs a lot of water therefore watering happens regularly. Loves constant and quite high temperature, in our regions the good harvest can be received only in hotbeds though there are also soil grades. Anyway, fertilizing by microelements is necessary for all grades, especially during fructification.

At this time all forces and juice go for forming and growth of fruit, the help to plant is necessary. For this purpose various mineral fertilizers which are on sale approach: superphosphates, potash or ammoniac saltpeter. Following the instruction, it is possible to feed up easily plant. For organic fertilizing do infusion of green grass. It is necessary to collect couple of buckets of green grass or leaves in barrel, to fill in with water and to expose in the sun for about five days. The structure has to perebrodit, greens to fall by barrel bottom, and already to water with this water cucumbers.It is also necessary to use urea and ashes. Urea is diluted at the rate of 100 grams on 2 buckets of water. Ashes can be used as in a dry form, and with water. Dry ashes, two-three handfuls under each bush, then are abundant water. Or 1.5-2 glasses on water bucket, carefully to mix, water with mug or bucket as large parts of ashes will not allow to water from watering can, hammering nose openings.It is necessary to pay special attention to culture leaves always. The plant the look and in color clearly signals what to it is not enough also what it is necessary to do fertilizing by. Strangely enough sounds, but it is frequent, having seen that leaves turn yellow, many begin to do strongly fertilizing, and the withering reason - only light surplus. It is necessary to cover only a little hotbed or if it is soil look, partially to close from light with board or plywood. Thus to create half-shade. In 3-4 days on change of color of leaves it will become clear, the right decision or not.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team