As well as under what culture to plant garlic

As well as under what culture to plant garlic

The crop rotation is one of the main principles of agriculture, and it is impossible to neglect it. From chaotic movement the plants of advantage will not be, it is necessary to select correctly under each culture of the predecessor. Garlic is universal, after it it is possible to put many cultures.

What culture cannot be put after garlic

By rules of crop rotation more than two years on one place are not recommended to grow up garlic. Its roots for the purpose of protection of plant against wreckers emit toxins in microscopic doses. Cultivation of culture in a row on one bed leads several years to accumulation of toxins in the soil and infection with its stem nematode.

For the same reason numerous representatives of family onions, landed the next year after garlic, show unenviable results. Besides the cultures of one family pull the same nutritious components from soil. It is clear, that on the "bloodless" soil of good harvest not to receive. The break between landings of onions (lily family) has to be not less than four years.

What cannot be put after garlic, have found out. Now we will understand under what cultures garlic the good predecessor.

What to put after garlic

At once after cleaning of winter garlic for improvement of the earth plant annual flowers or herbs. By the principle of alternation of vershoks backs, on beds after garlic grow up greens: fennel, parsley, cilantro, caraway seeds, sorrel, chervil, spinach. As siderat use mustard, bean. Late fall beds dig over together with greens.

Garlic the phytoncides disinfects soil, frightens off medvedka, plant louse, carrot fly and other wreckers. After it plants from family pumpkin, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, beet well feel.

It is also possible to plant wild strawberry or strawberry after garlic. Beautiful partners, landings it is possible not only to alternate these plants, but also to combine. The neighbourhood is mutually advantageous to both cultures. The garlic phytoncides which are saved up in the soil protect the berry-picker from fungal diseases. The wild strawberry, in turn, urges on garlic to development of head.

Such scheme of landing is possible: several beds of wild strawberry, between them garlic bed. Each two years of landing alternate, in July remove garlic, on vacant place in August plant wild strawberry from one bed, on the become empty strawberry ridge land garlic in the fall. In two years the scheme is repeated already with other bed of wild strawberry.

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