As will get rid of bushes

As will get rid of bushes

Establishing order on the new garden site begins with its cleaning of excess plantings. Happens that the site or garden is strongly started therefore it is necessary to delete from it old trees and bush. If you became the owner of such territory, it is necessary to take in due time measures to its cleaning and to get rid of unnecessary vegetation.

It is required to you

  • - axe;
  • - spade;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - chainsaw;
  • - brush cutter;
  • - working clothes;
  • - mittens.


1. Prepare stock for work. In the simplest case the spade and the normal axe will be necessary for you. In certain cases it is necessary to apply hacksaw. If you just want to cut off excess young growth, use brush cutter. It represents normal benzokosa which is supplied not with the reel for bevelling of grass, and disk edge. For cutting of thicker trunks not to do without chainsaw.

2. Take care of safety measures when working on cutting of bush. Any person who does not have special skills can perform such works. But nevertheless it is better to use the help of the workmate. You remember rules of precaution during the work with the cutting tool. Prepare protective working clothes and mittens from dense material.

3. Evaluate scope of work. Examine the site to define what part of bush has to be cut down. Make sure that will not interfere with work of brush cutter stones or foreign objects which can appear on soil. Remove excess garbage, including foliage and the fallen-down branches of trees. Provide approach to bush which is subject to cutting out.

4. Study technology of cutting of bush and trees. The young growth of bush is usually provided by thickets of dogrose, raspberry or willow. These plants very well breed root offsprings. If to cut bush, on its place there can soon be new plant departing from root system. Therefore it is more preferable to combine cutting of bush and grubbing.

5. Start removal of bush. Cut the bush consisting of several thin trunks. Collect the remains of the cut plant and move them to the place of utilization. If you have chosen grubbing method, then undertake upper part of bush and begin to drag it on yourself. Your workmate undermines bush from below shovel at this time. After that through joint efforts it is necessary to extend bush and to transfer it to the place of collecting garbage.

6. Cut larger copies hacksaw or cut down the axe. For young growth which occupies significant area use brush cutter. After full cleaning of the site from young growth of bush clean the tool from pollution and move away him on storage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team