Assignment and rules of use of inoculative secateurs

Assignment and rules of use of inoculative secateurs

That the inoculation of trees and bushes has passed successfully, cuts on scion and stock have to coincide ideally. It is difficult to inexperienced gardener to carry out the procedure correctly, he will be come to the rescue by inoculative secateurs. The convenient and clear device easily cuts off branches of any thickness, providing almost absolute survival of scion.

Secateurs for inoculation of trees: description of the device

Inoculative secateurs call the garden device allowing to make the correct cut on scion and stock. Plants are not injured, cuts ideally coincide with each other without unnecessary gaps. Such operation keeps trees from possible infections and guarantees the maximum survival.

Complete with secateurs there is set of the knives suitable for different types of scion. Edges are made of strong and durable stainless steel.

It is possible to carry to pluses of inoculative secateurs:

  • Ease and simplicity of inoculations. To cope with work even the inexperienced gardener, the percent of defects will be lower, than when using normal garden knife.
  • Possibility of work with any escapes: young and old, thin and thicker, badly giving in to cut.
  • At the correct operation the replaceable edges and secateurs serve very long, do not break and do not need under repair.
  • Replaceable knives give the chance to work with different types of wood.

Despite set of advantages, inoculative scissors have also shortcomings. The main – the high cost of set incomparable with the price of normal garden knife. One more minus – impossibility to use scion with diameter very different from stock. For successful inoculation the escapes have to have identical thickness. At difference more than 2-3 mm it is necessary to use knife.

Upon purchase of secateurs it is necessary to check sharpness of knives and to specify of what material they are made. The best edges are made of alloy steel, also the knives processed by teflon are quite good. The clearance between edges has to be minimum that at cut the escapes were not rumpled.

The tool needs to be taken in hands, to make sure that edges well fasten to the handle, and springs are rather elastic. The durability of the device depends on these trifles. The most convenient secateurs have the handles from the strong rubberized material which are not sliding in hands. It is good if on the lower handle there is dredging for finger protecting from emergence of callosities.    

How to use inoculative scissors

The strong, intact shanks of identical thickness are suitable for inoculation. At first the knife of the necessary form is chosen, the accurate cut on scion becomes. Then the procedure repeats on stock, but the cut is made in the opposite direction. As a result on one escape the dredging, and on another ledge of the necessary form turns out. It is necessary to connect cuts, they ideally coincide, without leaving gaps.

The position of joint is densely wound with twine or tape. For the best hitch the joint can be covered with the garden thief. If all procedures are performed correctly, survival of scion approaches 100%.  

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