At what distance to plant cucumbers to the open ground

At what distance to plant cucumbers to the open ground

To grow up good harvest of cucumbers, it is not enough to make landing of culture only in time, it is necessary also competently to make it. It is very important to sustain optimum distance between landings in the open ground, in the future it will positively affect fertility of cucumbers, and bigger number of diseases will avoid culture.

First of all it should be taken into account points on with what the illiterate (close) arrangement of cucumbers on bed threatens:

  • defeat of culture fungal diseases;
  • excessive emergence of barren flowers, and consequently, decrease in productivity;
  • free reproduction of wreckers (melon plant louse, web tick, rostkovy fly);
  • bad cultural development because of the shortage of moisture, light, nutrients;

At the same time planting of plants is irrational use of land area widely spaced. When calculating how many cultures can be put on square meter of the earth, it should be taken into account the sizes of adult plant and degree of its branchiness, terms of its active growth and also ""love"" for free space of specific look. In any case, on one square meter it is possible to plant 3-4 bushes, and it is admissible maximum for the majority of types.

Now as for the frequency and the scheme of landing of cucumbers in the open ground. Cucumbers are always planted only in damp soil, depth of seal of seeds - no more than 4 centimeters (more superficial landing will not allow to take roots properly to saplings, and deeper can negatively affect viability of seeds). After landing the seeds powder with the prime friable quality land and pour down water. There are several schemes of landings of cucumbers:

  • ryadkovy (seeds are planted at distance of 20 centimeters from each other by ranks, distance between rows - 100 cm);
  • tape (seeds are planted in two ranks, distance between rows up to 50 cm, seeds - up to 150 cm, among gardeners this method is used most often);
  • square-cluster (in one hole about 5-7 seeds, distance between holes are planted - to meter, the method is used in case the area of kitchen garden does not allow to grow up culture with big ""squandering"" of the earth).

For each grade of cucumbers there is the scheme of landing. In the table it is possible to look below at what distance it is the best of all to put specific grades of cucumbers that cultures well fructified and were ill less. Not superfluous will be to note that in the table data are provided taking into account that at cultivation of cultures the procedure of vertical podvyazyvaniye of plants is surely used.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team