At what distance to plant tomatoes to the open ground

At what distance to plant tomatoes to the open ground

Seedling tomato in some regions already begins to be planted. The question of how to make it then to receive good and qualitative harvest is very important and also in the course of cultivation to avoid various diseases.

Before how to putthe subjects seedling tomato to the open ground, especially if you do it for the first time, it is necessary to remember several simple rules, conforming to which, you will be able even to receive fine harvest for the first time.

Beforehand, since fall, prepare the parcel, having dug up it and having fertilized. The place of landing has to be lit with the sun well. Tomatoes love it, they are photophilous and thermophilic plants.

It is impossible to put after nightshade family - potato, pepper or eggplant because the risk of infection with artful phytophthora of which then it will be heavy to get rid is high.

It is the best of all to hold all events not since morning, and after 3-4 o'clock in the afternoon and it is obligatory in dry weather when on the street is from 23 degrees of heat.

The distance between bushes has to be not small. Optimal variant of 60-70 centimeters. It is explained by the fact that land part rather branched. At such rare landing to bush there will be enough both light, and the earth. To it it will be possible to be suitable conveniently for processing and removal of stepsons. Tall grades can be put even at distance of 80 centimeters - so will tie up them much more conveniently. Undersized it is possible to put more closely, but it is necessary to watch that culture has not ached with phytophthora, and in time to take measures in case of developing of disease.

Remember! The your bushes are more rare - the more for them it is warm, light and freedom. Therefore, and the harvest is richer.

That plants were well taken from pots, we water them, and then at once it is possible to lower in in advance prepared and fertilized holes. We put accurately not to damage gentle and young backs, they have to be not in different directions, and are directed down. As soon as have planted bush - water it and only then it is possible to fill up the dry earth. At first seedling should be watered very well, but not to fill in that it did not begin to rot. Later watering it is possible to reduce and make it time 3 in week. To tomatoes of it will be enough.

In few months to reap crop and to start preparations for the winter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team