At what height it is necessary to hang up the TV

At what height it is necessary to hang up the TV

The design of the modern equipment allows to arrange all equipment as it is convenient to the person. For example, columns can be put on floor or to attach to wall. Plasma panels often place on special support. If there is desire, then the TV can be hung up.

Nuances of the correct arrangement of the TV

First of all, it is necessary to choose the exact location of the monitor which will be removed from luminous sources and sunshine. Experts recommend to equip originally completely the room, and already then to install the TV. It considerably will facilitate process of definition of its location.

On counters of shops the huge number of the TV-screens various on diagonal is offered now. It is possible to choose optimal variant, having taken the room size as basis. It is natural that to the small bedroom you should not hang up the TV of the big size. First, it will look ridiculous and bulky. Secondly, it is very inconvenient to look at the huge screen from small distance. The size of diagonal defines value of height on which the TV will hang.

Usually the screen is hung up at distance of 1 meter from floor, at the same time to the viewer there have to be not less than 3.4 diagonals of the TV-receiver. Such arrangement is considered safe for human health. It is extremely important that when viewing the neck and the head were not constantly in stress condition.

Main steps of installation of the TV

Sitting in distance where the place for viewing telecasts and movies will be placed, it is possible to ask the assistant to attach the sheet of paper to wall. Within several minutes it is necessary to understand, how comfortably similar arrangement of the TV. Then bastings which are easy for removing subsequently become. Choosing fastening, so-called bracket, it is recommended to take material of which the wall consists into account. For giving of completeness it is better that all wires were imperceptible to human look. It is very simple to hide in that case them in wall if it is built on the basis of gypsum cardboard. It needs to be made before attachment of the TV to wall. It is necessary to study the instruction attached to the equipment attentively. In some cases the producer makes recommendations about placement of the TV. There is no need to create the closed space between wall and the monitor as anyway there will be overheating of the equipment. Air has to circulate well. The considerable weight of the TV provides fastening on wall which is capable to stand him. Original way to find out the most correct height for placement of the TV is following: it is necessary to sit down opposite to wall, to close eyes to some time, and then to look at surface. That area where the look will stop, and is the upper third part of arrangement of the screen.

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