Autumn works in garden and kitchen garden

Autumn works in garden and kitchen garden

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In spite of the fact that the crop is reaped long ago, autumn works in garden cannot be considered finished. At this time it is important to put the potential for receiving good harvest for the next season.

1. Autumn day is very short, and good weather happens not so often at this time as it would be desirable therefore it is important to use in each solar afternoon and to carry out necessary autumn works.

2. Works in garden and kitchen garden assume in the fall change of trees and fruit bushes which need it. It is necessary to replace plants after end of sokodvizheniye when foliage, in October-November completely falls down (depending on the region).

3. In the same time it is possible to make cutting of berry bushes – currants, raspberries, blackberries. It is also necessary to make the last cutting of deciduous and coniferous green hedges.

4. After the termination of leaf fall it is necessary to rake up dry leaf and to carry out the last hairstyle of lawn – in this case in the spring he will not lose decorative look. Especially it is relevant for the lawns sowed by polevitsa pobegonosny.

5. Fall – the best time for preparation of shanks if it is necessary to multiply fruit plants. Shanks prepare at the end of September – the beginning of October and trench in them on beds obliquely. From above shanks warm thick layer of mulch or fir twigs.

6. It is possible to implant bushes air layers – to bend down the lower branches to the earth in the fall, to pin metal brackets and to powder with soil.

7. At the end of September beginning of October it is possible to make landing of saplings of fruit-trees and bushes. Roots of ornamental shrubs and long-term flowers need to be mulched thick layer of peat or dry humus.

8. At the end of September it is possible to make crops of the long-term and annual flowers and vegetables needing stratification in order that they also have more amicably ascended earlier in the spring, to put spring bulbous – tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, muskar and also winter garlic.

9. Special care is demanded in the fall by the greenhouse – it is necessary to throw out old plants, to disinfect the soil from phytophthora, and from above to cover it from damage of northern cold winds and congestions of snow.

10. If in garden there are summer verandah, gazebo or patio, it is necessary to remove summer furniture on storage and to protect rooms from impact of rain and snow.

11. Carrying out autumn works in garden and kitchen garden, it is necessary to devote attention to fertilizing and improvement of the soil. On beds it is necessary to scatter humus, if necessary to introduce lime, nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers and to dig over, without breaking earth lumps – it will promote death of roots of long-term weeds and enrichment of the soil with oxygen.

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