Balcony in style the loft: design the hands

Balcony in style the loft: design the hands

Style the loft is rather young design solution of dressing of rooms, balconies and loggias. It is characterized by free space, high ceilings, lack of walls and false-walls, large windows and bright light. Those who reject the ostentatious principles of finishing of apartments with the pathos adjusted life resort to such design. Often in such style decorate balconies. It is not necessary to call designers for this purpose at all since all this is easy to make with own hands.

What is style the loft?

The loft in translation from English means "attic". The great depression which has happened in the West in the first half of the 20th century (the 30th – the 40th years), has led to the fact that many enterprises have gone bankrupt then they were closed. Owners of the unprofitable real estate have been forced to offer separate industrial premises of the objects for sale or to lease. Demand for these rooms was from creative people (artists, musicians, writers) who used the bought or leased rooms both for work, and for housing.

These people had no financial opportunities on full repair of the bought rooms of industrial unprofitable real estate objects therefore left them in original form: with steel girders and the sticking-out water pipes, with bricks and ragged walls, with the hanging-down lamps and concrete floors. Gradually in such "apartments" there was also furniture, simple on execution, which is harmoniously fitting into space.

Over time such "design" has turned into full-fledged style and became the ready solution of dressing of rooms. If to argue in language of designers, the style the loft means any given objects of the industrial real estate which have been with own hand most adapted for housing. At the same time the internal space of such objects remains practically without changes. Any warehouses, farms, garages, workshops or shops which do not function any more and also residential buildings, apartments, loggias and balconies will be suitable for changes in style the loft.

Who will suit balcony in style the loft?

Balconies in this style perfectly will suit people who want to equip study with the modern computer installed on wide windowsill there and also to people who need art workshop with easel, racks and regiments. By the way, both racks, and easel, and ready pictures are decor too in this case.

Balcony in style the loft. Design the hands

Basis of bases

The balconies executed in style the loft do not suffer fluffy and expensive carpets, smart chandeliers and beautiful modern sconces and also convenient big sofas and chairs at all. Scarcity and simplicity – here basis on which finishing of balcony in this style keeps. So with own hand to execute balcony to the loft style, it is necessary not only the nobility, but also to understand underwritten nuances of this design decision.

Visual increase in the area

In most cases actually it is not possible to expand the area of balcony, of course. Therefore it becomes at the visual level. It is recommended to execute walls in light finishing that were present such tone as beige, cream, white, blue. The monotone of light shades visually increases space exactly as well as the finishing materials having glossy surface as reflect light, filling with it all room.

Walls to the loft style

- there is a lot of signs on which the loft can be distinguished from other styles (the grandee, vintage, retro), but most important of them is availability of brick walls. Brick walls are bright sign of style the loft and do not demand any special additions.

The brickwork in such design can be both real, and specially executed under this style (in the form of finishing work). To the place there will be effect of the sprinkled plaster. Besides, instead of finishing of walls beaten brick it is possible to draw effect of ruin with acrylic paints (option for creative persons).

Also as elements for dressing of balcony brick walls it is possible to use lovely pictures still lifes, pictures with landscapes (effect of art workshop), posters, journal covers stuck on the wall leaflets with personals (effect of the street).

It should be noted that all communications (pipes, wiring), natural way laid through balcony brick wall, are style element the loft too therefore it is not necessary to mask them at all. However if somewhere there is bared electrical wiring, it needs to be insulated. You should not risk in this case.

Ceiling in style the loft

The key concept of style – ceiling lighting. Here it is possible to mount on tire ceiling with mobile illumination, it is possible to install metal lamps. Certainly, the wires naturally reaching for lamps do not need to be hidden under covering.

In general lighting question on the balcony executed to the loft tones it is necessary to solve taking into account growth of the highest family member. Quite often height of ceilings on the balconies and loggias leaves much to be desired. In certain cases for this reason the hanging-down lamps will not always be appropriate. It is possible to solve this problem by means of sconce flutes.

The balconies executed to the loft style are characterized by special high ceilings. In practice ceilings are low, but to refuse because of it this design decision – silly. The ceiling on the balcony about the loft style has to be executed with full endurance of style, for example, by means of rough and unpainted boards.

Floor in style the loft

Floor on the balcony to the loft style needs to be done in location, convenient for itself: for example, it is possible to put lamels or porcelain tile. The design of laminate and porcelain tile has to be rough. Laying of ceramic tile with effect of attrition or laying of brashirovanny boards will be the best design decision.

If there is no wish to be spent for this finishing, it is possible to leave own concrete surface of balcony as floor covering. It will be the most true style the loft with emphasis on naturalness. The small rug which has to be allocated on monophonic dullish background with bright spot will help to soften rough floor.

Furniture to the loft style

The most important here – furniture and various art objects should not overload already limited space of balcony with the volumes quantity at all. Here it is possible to put:

  • various benches;
  • computer chair;
  • box chest;
  • designs from water pipes for imitation of the pipeline with the built-in manometer.

It is also possible to use one chair or only one sofa of irregular shape. Coloring of such furniture has to be bright.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team