Balcony on parts of the world: ideas and managements

Balcony on parts of the world: ideas and managements

The balcony is arranged and planted trees and shrubs depending on to what part of the world it comes. We create cosiness on the balcony by means of suitable plants, furniture and decor. The choice of plants for gardening of balcony depends not only on your desires, but also on solar illumination.

1. East balcony is perfect place for breakfast. On east balcony you can enjoy the first warm sunshine of day. Convenient chairs and table will be very relevant to breakfast on east balcony. Being since midday already in shadow is suitable for shade-loving plants. Suitable plants: daisies, balsam, lobelias, fuchsias, petuniiide for east balcony. The tiled floor keeps warmly morning sun and gradually gives it. Decor, furniture, ware and tubs for flowers it is good to choose in colourful tones - yellow and red that the solar mood on the balcony remained also without the sun. Convenient and practical furniture for breakfast on the balcony.

2. The balcony coming to the South the whole day is in the sun and is ideal for admirers of the sun and suntan. Protection against the sun or flexible shadow canopies are simply necessary here, without them it is hardly useful in hot summer days. It is necessary also for plants which need to be protected from the bright midday sun. Suitable plants: under bright sun such Mediterranean plants as oleander, olives or lavender like to live, at sufficient fertilizer and irrigation - geranium or petunia. Inflorescences of lanthanum vaulted, bugenvilliya, tsiniya or hibiscus are suitable for boxes and pots. Also the grass of curry and geranium cope with temporary dryness. The ideas for the southern balcony. Furniture from metal or metal parts heats up on bright sun therefore pillows will be required. Stone floors stone floor on such balcony strongly heats up and is not suitable for walking barefoot. Ideally - wood decks or carpets for balcony. The wooden and wicker furniture can fade in the sun, however it will be excellent on the southern balcony. The most important accessories on the southern balcony: sunshade or marchioness, sun beds.

3. The western balcony - solar since early evening, this perfect place to enjoy the last sunshine at the end of the working day. Suitable plants - plants for half-shade. White and yellow plants - the more and more magnificent flowers as at lilies and petunias, the they reflect bigger light. Aromatic plants: decorative tobacco, brugmansiya, night-school student, night beauty or oslinnik. The ideas for the western balcony. Furniture from metal or metal parts can become unpleasantly hot as well on the western balcony as the afternoon sun can reach in the depth of summer limit. Plants on such balcony have to be also protected from the sun. The most important accessories: sunshade, cozy furniture for the end of the working day, candle in garden candlestick and table for drinks. Heavy flower cachepots and balcony flower boxes with strong fastenings as on the western balcony it can be windy.

4. The northern balcony hardly receives the sun therefore it will be the favourite place in hot days. Suitable plants. On the balcony from North side such plants as hydrangeas, Veronika and fern will feel as in the forest. For completely shady balconies motley nettle or grassy perennials, purple hand bells which inspire with the fine leaves. The decor of northern balcony needs additional color spots. The ideas for northern balcony. Furniture and decor reflects light in light materials and flowers and does balcony is lighter. Any pure white color - it will be appropriate only if balcony always clean. Invigorating red tone and yellow color. Tiled floor with heating. Important accessories: furniture from high-quality plastic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team