Banner of upholstered furniture in house conditions

Banner of upholstered furniture in house conditions

Often from long service fabric of upholstered furniture is abraded, and the framework still remains strong and convenient. Or on new sofa there was ugly spot which as it is not possible to remove, and perhaps fabric covering of chairs is not combined with new wall-paper after repair. In all these cases the banner of soft corner will become solution.

It is possible to draw furniture in specialized salon, or having called the master on the house, but if you are able to work hands, then you can try to get along with this case independently. You need for this purpose new fabric, tools (screw-driver, the hammer, the stapler, flat-nose pliers) and the foam rubber piece suitable by the sizes in case old has sunk and will seem to you unsuitable.

Calculation of necessary amount of fabric

Often meeting mistake of the beginning master – the wrong calculation of the necessary amount of fabric. Remember that it is not enough to measure sofa longwise and to width, it is necessary to consider still surely sidewalls, allowances for seams and subcollar and also waste which can arise at selection of the direction of the drawing.

If there are doubts, buy material with stock better, then you will be able to let the remained fabric to covering of chair or to sew pillow under stool. The room will only benefit from it.

Preliminary preparation of furniture for banner

At first the sofa or chair need to be sorted. Most often for this purpose it is necessary to turn off bolts on which sidewalls and back keep. After that begin to remove old upholstery accurately. It is the best of all to raise at first the brackets holding it, having palmed off under them flat blade screwdriver, and then to pull out flat-nose pliers.

Do not throw out old upholstery fabric. On the contrary, carefully straighten it, if necessary clean from dust and use instead of pattern. Cut out the bought fabric, if necessary process its edges, cut off the necessary piece of foam rubber. If from above to lay on it still piece of sintepon, then furniture will become much softer, and life cycle of foam rubber will significantly increase.

Banner of upholstered furniture

For work you need the powerful construction stapler. Spare on it no expense as the cheap tool badly punches wooden blank that will undoubtedly affect quality of restoration.

The size of the used brackets has to be not less than 10 millimeters.

For the first time to pull panel material exactly happens very not easy. It is simpler to fit sidewalls and back therefore begin with them to be trained and feel as fabric stretches. Begin banner of sitting with one corner and in process of advance level fabric on this corner. Try to pull matter evenly to avoid emergence of folds. Begin repair with face side of sofa that the possible appeared flaws have been hidden by sidewalls and back. Work accurately.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team