Basic rules of safety of the house

Basic rules of safety of the house

We have got used that we are in safety at home. Here we are protected from all external dangers and we feel safe. But, that this feeling was not illusion, it is necessary to observe simple, but very important safety rules for the apartment.


In multifamily house it is impossible to keep full independence of neighbors, having even densely closed doors. Safety of systems water - and gas supply, electrical wiring depends on all residents. Therefore it is worth establishing gas analyzers, analyzers of smoke and gas in the stairwell. Thus at emergency in any of apartments or in the general room all residents will be in due time warned about danger.


What can be more unpleasant, than flood neighbors? It threatens with serious expenses, not palatable explanations. And without telling it about that, as your housing should be put in order after flood.

Do not save on water supply system. If in your apartment old pipes, replace them with modern.

Now it is relevant at repair ""to hide"" pipes in walls. It does exterior of the room to more esthetic and saves space. But you have to understand that when pipes are not visible, you can not notice leakages. And from breakage even new pipes ""are not insured"".

It is better to entrust installation of water supply system to professionals. They will give guarantee for work and even if there will be accident, you at least will be able to avoid material problems.

You watch that mixers were serviceable and densely blocked water. It concerns also water overlapping cranes. Leaving the apartment, block these cranes. So, even in case of damage, you will secure yourself against leakage.


Electricity requires special attention. Malfunctions in electrical wiring can cause the fire. Any malfunctions in electrical generating system should be eliminated immediately. And professionals have to do it. Independently it is impossible to do it at all - it is life-threatening also health, and not only yours. In good repair there have to be not only wires, but also switches and sockets. Hit of water in them has to be completely excluded.

Do not disregard also electric devices. Use only serviceable devices. If are not sure of condition of the microwave or desk lamp, do not turn on them in network at all. It is better to give to repair at once. It is not recommended to repair electric devices independently.

Leaving the house, switch off all devices from network. It is possible to leave included only in the fridge. When you switch off devices, you hold fork, not wire.


Gas does our life comfortable and convenient. It is plain in use, is cheap, considerably simplifies cooking process.

But at the same time gas is extremely dangerous. Its leak can cause not only the fire, but also explosion, to cause enormous loss and to become cause of the tragedy.

Therefore the gas equipment should be supported in constant order. Experts have to be engaged in it too. If you, for example, have got new gas-fire, surely call the employee who will establish it and will connect. Besides, he will issue you the receipt in which it will be specified that the plate is connected according to all requirements.

Never use gas-fire for heating of the room, especially at night. It is very dangerous. If there is leak, gas can cause the severe poisoning, up to lethal outcome. At the same time the person does not feel any symptoms, he dies in dream.

Staff of gas service carry out annual service of the gas equipment in apartments. It is extremely undesirable to evade from their visits. They will check serviceability of gas pipes, valves, gas-fire and if there are problems, in due time will eliminate them.

However before letting in the gas-man the house, make sure that the one for whom you wait is one more requirement of ""house"" safety. The staff of gas service is dressed in form, and they have certificate. Besides, you can call your office of gas service and make sure that their employees have to come to your house today. Learn surname of the expert, check its documents.

One of opportunities to avoid troubles because of gas leak - to establish gas analyzer in the apartment. the expert has to establish it too. But! The staff of gas service does not sell such devices. They need to be got in specialized shops. If suggest to buy you such device, being represented by the employee of gas service, prick up the ears. Most likely, before you the swindler.

If you have felt gas smell, at once block gas cock, open windows. Then leave the room and call the emergency services - in gas or service of rescue by phone number 112. Keep in mind, it is forbidden to use any electric devices at gas leak. Therefore you should not call from the apartment. Also it is impossible to use doorbells to warn neighbors. strictly follow instructions of experts and do not try ""to be a hero"". You leave far away from the building in which there was leak.


To avoid the fire, it is necessary to use any flammable means very carefully: matches, lighters, candles.

All objects causing fire have to be where the child cannot get them.

Fire safety regulations on holidays are especially relevant. It is impossible to use fireworks in the apartment, to light Bengal lights, to establish fir-trees from combustible materials. Make sure of safety of daisies if you decorate with them the apartment.

You do not store the house flammable objects and liquids, especially near fire sources.

If in the apartment smoke detectors are installed, it will significantly reduce risk to suffer from the fire. If they have worked, do not look for fire source, better at once be evacuated, previously having notified firefighters.

If ignition small, and you are capable to cope with it, at once take measures. You remember, ignitions of electrical wiring cannot be extinguished water. It is the best of all that in the house there was fire extinguisher. It has to be serviceable also with normal effective life.

Household chemicals

Household chemicals have to be out of zone of access for children. Pleasant aromas of many means can attract the small child who, having taken for delicacy, can drink or eat them to cleaning.

There are strong chemicals, for example, means for cleaning of plates. It is necessary to use them in gloves, otherwise you risk to get severe burns. Strictly observe the instruction on packing, its observance will help to avoid injuries and harm for health.

If when using means you ail, there are allergic manifestations, at once leave it.

Sharp objects

It is impossible to imagine the house without sharp objects. Knives, scissors, needles without which not to do in life, can be dangerous if rules of treatment of them are violated.

You store all sharp objects on the places. Make sure that they cannot fall, be scattered, out. After sewing remove needles at once. To step on needle extremely unpleasantly, besides, it can put serious trauma.

Use sharp objects only directly.


that your house remained your fortress, you should not let anyone there.

If ring your door or to knock, you do not hurry to plow up it. At first look in peephole. In case behind the door the stranger, ask who is he.

If the stranger is represented the employee of special service even if on him form, through door take an interest in the purpose of his visit and ask to show documents and to tell surname and the name. Be not too lazy, call the relevant organization and specify whether they have such employee and whether sent it to your address. Open door, only if the person behind your door really that for whom gives itself.

If the visitor is represented the neighbor, asks for permission to call or give it glass of water, do not hurry to let in it the house. Suggest to call number and call, pump water through chain. Though it you put yourself at risk too - simply ""to have a bite"" chain special purpose tools.

You should not let in the house of sales representatives, sellers and other distributors. All you need is, you can get in shop, and there is no need to put at risk of and the property.

Important! You always have to have phones of the emergency services near at hand. Write down them in phone and also write on paper and place in a visible place. In emergency situation it can help to avoid serious consequences.

Safety of children

The most important is to secure children who live with you in the apartment. Children have to know all listed above rules.

But it is necessary to consider that small children cannot follow precisely instructions, besides, the curiosity often outweighs, and the kid forgets all wise advice.

Therefore sharp objects have to be inaccessible to kids, also, as well as matches, lighters and other flammable objects. You watch that handles of gas-fire have been fixed so that the child could not open gas. Many mothers remove handles from plate.

Carefully close sockets if they are located so that the child can reach them. Now special sockets with zakryvashka which the child cannot remove are on sale. Pay attention to that wires were inaccessible to the child. Having pulled for them, it can drop on itself(himself) the device, damage wire and get electric trauma.

Windows have to be densely closed. In the summer, during heat, many open windows, leaving mosquito grid. She is not capable to sustain the child's weight, and therefore the open window constitutes serious danger. Besides, even the child can open the closed window, having turned the handle. It is better to remove them to avoid danger.

Do not leave small children of some even if you should reach only behind bread. To fall and be traumatized, the kid has enough several seconds, and consequences can be tragic

when the child grows up, he should stay at home without supervision. It is important that the child was with you in touch, and for this purpose he has to be able to use the mobile phone, to watch its charging and state.

The child has to know well all rules of household safety, initially it is possible to hang out on the apartment of the picture instruction.

In phone of the child there have to be numbers of all emergency services, and he has to know, where to address in emergency situation.

Surely explain to the child that he opened for nobody door, except parents and close relatives to whom you trust. It is necessary to explain very well to the child that the door cannot be opened under no circumstances what would not be told by the person behind threshold. Make sure that the child has understood you and has acquired information.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team