Basis under make-up. What it happens and as to put it

Basis under make-up. What it happens and as to put it

basis under make-up is necessary for alignment of structure and tone of skin, masking of minor defects and also creation of ideal surface for imposing of layer of cosmetics. To receive faultless make-up, it is necessary to know what the basis happens and as to put it.


  1. The structure of basis under make-up depends on functions which it should carry out. For the choice of suitable means it is necessary to estimate all shortcomings of face skin.
  2. The silicone basis is capable to give to skin doll smoothness and velvet. Such base is suitable for masking of insignificant reddenings and peelings, but is contraindicated to owners of oily skin. It is better to cover silicone basis only with powder.
  3. The matting basis contains the substance similar to talc. This base well absorbs surplus of allocations of sebaceous glands, and skin for all day looks equal and fresh.
  4. The easiest basis – fluid. It well moisturizes and levels the skin, eliminates greasy luster, but includes very few powder and the masking pigments. Therefore the fluid is suitable only for the young or having very few defects skin.
  5. The creamy basis contains large number of the masking pigments and powder therefore it effectively masks such defects as freckles, small pigmental spots and capillaries.
  6. The basis under make-up in the form of gel is intended for oily and porous skin. Thanks to the structure this means does not hammer time and allows skin to breathe.
  7. The firm basis is necessary for skin with such defects as hems and enlarged pores. This base forms rather dense covering hiding all roughnesses.
  8. The base under make-up can have various colors. White gives to skin luminescence and eliminates minor defects. Pink clarifies and refreshes the person, but is suitable only for light skin. Peach refreshes swarty skin. Green masks reddenings and vascular reticulum. Yellow hides bluish shade of skin. Violet gives freshness to yellowish skin. For giving to the person of shine it is possible to use reflective basis under make-up.
  9. It is necessary to impose basis very accurately, without allowing absorption and rubbing in. Before causing base, use the moisturizing cream and if skin dry – at first nutritious, and then moistening.
  10. That the thin and even layer of basis has turned out, use sponge. You apply base at first on forehead and eyelids, and then - on cheeks, under eyes, on nose, chin, lips and neck. Make sure that the layer has turned out even, and if it is required, carefully remove surplus. After that it is possible to start make-up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team