Bathroom: how to finish stylish and cheap

Bathroom: how to finish stylish and cheap

Finishing of the bathroom in many respects depends on its sizes. If the room small, it is difficult to experiment with bulky furniture or decorative objects. However, there is style which it will be equally favorable to look both in small, and in the spacious bathroom.


1. Issue the room in simple and at the same time expressive natural style. On floor put laminate or boards of dark brown color. Certainly, material has to be processed by water-repellent protector that it could be used indoors with the increased humidity. The boards will be larger, the more natural the interior in the bathroom will turn out.

2. Instead of traditional tile revet walls with artificial stone. This material is externally almost indistinguishable from the present, but at the same time it is much lighter. Choose material of light gray color, with the uneven, rough invoice. Artificial stones, too similar to the real cobble-stones, will look is too bulky. Therefore it is better to buy wide, but flat plates which keep within joint joint and form effect of smooth uniform covering. Paint ceiling with opaque paint tone to walls.

3. To color of bathtub and sink of special requirements is not present, it is possible to buy usual white. And here their form is very important. Stop the choice on copies with smooth, streamline shapes and thick walls. They have to remind the smooth stones rolled by the sea slightly. Form of cranes and valves at the same time – the simplest, laconic.

4. The bedside table under sink has to contrast with it both on color, and in form. Buy or order wooden bedside table of strict rectangular shape, from dark brown tree in tone to floor. It is possible to make wide frame for mirror over sink of the same material. If there is no such opportunity, it is better to choose round mirror without frame at all.

5. For toilet accessories hang up locker with wattled brown regiments. For various shampoos and gels buy set of bottles of rounded or massive square shape trimmed under stone or ivory.

6. To recover interior, put on floor and on shelves glass or plastic vessels of round shape. In them it is possible to put small bouquets of flowers or to fill them with small marine rubble.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team