Bavarian laying: 10 methods

Bavarian laying: 10 methods

Art type of laying at which bricks of different color and shade are combined and form the drawing, is called Bavarian. In Bavaria the first houses were under construction of henna-red brick. Then when roasting not the really wealthy people did not manage to receive construction material of the same shade and structure, as in the first parties. Thus, initially motley type of facades was inherent only in lodges of poor people. However, modern technologies of roasting allow to receive any qualitative brick, and the color laying is applied in the decorative purposes now.

The brick for the Bavarian laying is considered decorative and intends only for facing of the house and construction of design facades and pedestrian paths. Combination of various flowers, the sizes, invoices and forms of brick is allowed. There are uniform technicians of the Bavarian laying, but to the discretion of the builder it is possible to create any fancy drawings and pictures.

The following shades of brick for the German laying are most widespread: from beige till dark brown, almost coal color.

Secrets of creation of the correct drawing

  • The author's ornament in traditional German style has to be made with observance of proportions of all elements. It is not necessary to abuse bright colors. In palette it is necessary to observe balance and moderation.
  • Classic style of the Bavarian laying – alternation of the different parties of brick: long, short, long, short.
  • The good ornament turns out at serial laying the impressive, ridge party, and then smooth. At such approach the smooth brick has to be basic element of design.
  • Modern types of laying very seldom are formed only from shades of light brick. Soundly and stylish dark saturated colors look. At the same time it is worth to remember about harmony and compatibility of architecture of the building with dneorptiany facing.
  • For the purpose of economy for reduction in cost of finishing material it is possible to give preference to registration of facade normal facing brick, and color Bavarian laying to lay out only window openings and entrance groups and also corners of the building and ladder.

10 methods of the Bavarian laying

The important stage of creation of laying is to draw the plan scheme with color portrayal of brick. At laying it is important to follow the rules by which it is girdled from 5 and no more than 10 schematic fragments. The laying will look wholly if each row repeats previous through the seam located down. So, the most widespread methods of the Bavarian laying:

1 method. Block Bavarian laying

Becomes by the principle of alternation of ranks. At first the row gives all the best the long party outside, following – short. Joints become in situation vertically.

2 method. Floor

Is suitable for registration of garden footpaths and platforms under barbecue. Outer end up wide part. All layers are so put. Each new row is gradually displaced on 1/2 part of brick.

3 method. Brandenburg, or in a different way the English

At such type of laying the face side supports in the first row two long parties and one rather short.

The second row of bricks repeats the first. Joints of the parties long occur in the middle of the brick laid by the short party in the previous row.

4 method. Lipetsk laying

Three rows are carried out with full coincidence on joints. From the third or fourth row the laying becomes without the shift of joints from short parts.

5 method. Laying cross

During creation of joints the alternation of bricks with the short and long parties is made in the middle.

6 method. Dutch laying

Bricks in the same row give all the best the short parties. In the second row parts short with long alternate. It is necessary to watch carefully to prevent coincidence with each other of joints.

7 method. Laying gothic style

There is laying of the parties of different flowers of parts: at first long, then short and to repeat. At the same time the shift of bricks is allowed only in every second row.

8 method. Silesian laying

One row becomes from two long parties of brick, then one short. The following row gives all the best by the same principle, however with small shift at one fourth lengths of brick. In new row the shift of brick is made to the left side.

9 method. Tychkovy laying

Easy way of construction with the shift of joints in each row on half of the subsequent brick.

10 method. Lozhkovy

Patterns turn out from laying of bricks one party outside – long. To do shift in relation to the lower row. One more is possible - more graceful slanting shift of brick at such method of laying.

Chaotic laying

It is difficult to call this method one more type of laying, but it exists. In fact, it is just chaotic chaotic laying. Unpredictable and sometimes very beautiful patterns by itself are formed of color brick without any system of laying with the shift of joints only on the one fourth part of length.

Laying with broad lacing

It is possible to use modern technology of lacing at any chosen laying method. Lacing is applied on finishing finishing of front works. The technology suits only those who are not going to decorate building facades in any way differently. First, walls so will find esthetic exterior. Secondly, with lacing the facade will keep warmly better and will longer serve.

The form of layers of solution is created by the separate device (with steel bottom). The form can be both concave, and convex. And also triangular or shaped. At the same time surplus of solution has to be at once removed at any form with the terminal in order to avoid their drying up.

The Bavarian laying with lacing becomes so that solution was rubbed in seams on 4-5 mm, giving to overall view of wall smart appearance. Lacing can be done after laying of the first five rows of brick.

For work of a such type it is recommended to use not standard, but bright color solution. The means spent for its purchase stand ceremonial exterior of your building.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team