Beautiful make-up of eyes: step-by-step description

Beautiful make-up of eyes: step-by-step description

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make successful make-up of eyes, it is important to pick up suitable cosmetics and to apply it consistently. Shadows, ink, eyeliner and other means will last most long and will look freshest. Master several secrets of professional makeup artists who will help to create beautiful image.

Before starting make-up of eyes, process leather around them. It should be made even if you do not use foundation. Correctly picked up basis will level skin, will remove unhealthy shade, will hide the burst capillaries, wrinkles and other small shortcomings. Apply the leveling basis on the face cleaned with tonic or lotion. If skin around eyes has lost tone, recover it by means of the tightening and clarifying serum. It is quickly absorbed and the whole day works. Hammer with finger-tips on couple of drops of concentrate into skin around eyes.

For bigger stability of make-up put small portion of the smoothing basis on eyelids. She will help to show better color of decorative cosmetics and will well record it. Retouch area under eyes concealer on beige basis. Distribute it small latex sponge in the form of triangle or rhombus, it helps to put means very precisely. Distribute concealer the quiet patting movements. Such way will help to disguise well defects, at the same time the person will not look overloaded with cosmetics.

Making out eye, do not forget about eyebrows. Correct arches tweezers and tint shadows or pencil

Powder eye area soft flat brush. Use translucent powder of very fine crushing, it does not gather pleated century and does not make heavier make-up. The next stage - drawing shadows. Use the pressed powdery, cream or gel product, distributing it the applicator, brush or finger-tips. The easiest covering gives brush from natural pile, the most dense drawing guarantees the applicator which is previously moistened with water. Distribute shadows of basic color on mobile century and well shade limits of color. Shadows in beige, gentle-gray, greenish or henna-red scale will be suitable for daily make-up. If you want to emphasize section of eyes, use eyeliner in the form of pencil, cream, gel or liquid pigment. You put eyeliner on the edge of the lid, it is the closest to roots of eyelashes. Act very accurately, holding eyelid with fingers. It is possible to bring also lower eyelids. In this case lines of eyeliner need to be connected, otherwise the make-up will look incomplete. Use thin curved brush or the tool with slantwise the cut dense pile.

Before coloring of eyelash it is possible to twist special nippers. Never do it after ink is applied on eyelashes, otherwise hairs can break off

In conclusion apply ink on eyelashes. The extending product will be suitable for daily make-up, in the evening ink with effect of artificial eyelashes very beautifully looks. At first paint upper hairs, holding brush parallel to century. Make up short eyelashes in corners of eye with the tip of brush, holding it it is perpendicular to eye. If you like brighter make-up, apply ink in two layers. Remove surplus of paint clean brush or Q-tip.

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