Benjamin's ficus: care in house conditions

Benjamin's ficus: care in house conditions

The most widespread plants for decoration of apartments and office institutions are ficuses which there are more than 800 types. And the most popular among these beautiful evergreen plants is the house ficus of Benjamin.

In nature it is widespread in the countries of Asia and Northern Australia, reaching in height of 25 meters, and has sprawling magnificent krone. In house conditions Benjamin's ficus reaches height of three meters, and in general it very flexible and can be grown up with direct trunk, in the form of "braid" or the dwarfish bonsai form.

Care in house conditions of ficus of Benjamin

Taking into account difficult character, care for it demands special knowledge. First if in advance to plant not to choose the constant place, and to begin to rearrange it, to turn, move, then Benjamin's ficus dumps leaves, "having taken offence" at such disrespect. When choosing the place it is necessary to consider that this flower selectively belongs to temperature, humidity, illumination and does not love drafts, cold.

Temperature condition, air humidity, watering

For good development of plant by optimum temperature there will be 25 °C in summertime and 16 °C at cold snap. Considering origin from the countries with humid subtropical climate, the humidity indoors should not be lower than 50%, and the best – 70 percent. At the increased dryness in it it is recommended to spray periodically, and in summertime monthly to wash full-fledged shower. The shower with warm water is arranged in the bathroom and leave ficus before full drying-out. Leaves of ficus of Benjamin fall down if it overcools after shower.

Water with the boiled, warmed-up up to 50 °C water, having added to it fertilizer. The choice of time of watering depends on condition of the soil, the main thing at the same time not to allow drying or too damp soil. Drying out at depth of three centimeters or 6-7 cm in tubs, the earth demands watering. Watering is carried out in stages that water has covered top layer completely and in 30 minutes exempt pallet from the accumulated moisture. The lighting influencing coloring of leaves is important for care for Benjamin's ficus. It has to correspond to the following conditions:

  • Well lit place, avoiding direct influence of the sun burning plant.
  • Additional lighting by means of special lamps in winter time.

Flight connections

Up to four years the plant is replaced in the spring or in the summer annually. Further change is carried out as required, but not less once in three years. The choice of term of change depends on condition of the soil in pot or tub. At the same time if its roots come out, then it is time to do change on special substrate.


Feed up plant during the spring and summer period special mixes once in two months. If during this period the leaves of ficus of Benjamin fall down, the point of fertilizing is absent. Important operation is change of ficus as the wrong change can lead to what Benjamin's ficus dumps as superfluous, leaves and at the same time growth significantly slows down. For simplification of the stressful state accompanying process of its change follows:

  • To water plant and to skim the earth.
  • On bottom of new capacity to strew drainage and to cover with layer of the prepared earth.
  • It is accurate to transfer plant to pot or tub and to cover roots with the earth.
  • To finish change by watering of soft water.

What to do when falls down Benjamin's ficus?

Leaves of ficus of Benjamin can be dumped for various reasons. In comparison with the relatives this type of ficus gets rid of the attire much more often. First of all it can be explained with natural causes when during the autumn and winter period the lower leaves fall down upon transition of plant to the hibernations mode. Also following factors can provoke falling off:

Change of conditions of keeping to which the plant has got used, including change of the location, illumination level, increase or fall of temperature.

  • Too abundant watering.
  • Low level of contents in the soil of the substances necessary for growth of plant.
  • Diseases and the parasites striking flower.

Coloring of leaves or their dumping can be caused also by other circumstances. For example, yellow spots on leaves are caused by excess of moisture, and the yellowness of leaves is noted at dry air in winter time.

Diseases of ficus of Benjamin

Benjamin's diseases depending on by what they are caused, can be separated into several groups:

  • fungal diseases;

Among fungal diseases of the most dangerous decay of roots at which the plant becomes yellow color is. It is impossible to cure this disease and flower it is necessary to throw out together with pot. Show of gray decay is caused by surplus heat or dampness indoors. Care for Benjamin's ficus in this case consists the damaged sites, reduction of frequency of watering and increase in number of airing of the room at a distance.

For removal of the sooty fungus which is characterized by gray raid on leaves in most cases it is enough to process leaves sponge with solution of laundry soap. At very strong defeat it is necessary to remove disease of leaves completely. If Benjamin's ficus turns yellow, then, most likely, it is caused by defeat of plant louses. For its removal it is necessary to wash out the struck leaves soapsuds. Soap solution is applied to destruction of shchitovka which causes brown convex spots on leaves.

For extermination of such parasites as tripsa (dark brown spots on leaves), mealy scale (formations in the form of cotton wool pieces), nematodes (outgrowths at roots in the form of beads), it is necessary to apply spraying by chemicals. One more species of parasites, is web tick who leaves gray spots on ficus leaves. To get rid of parasite, it is necessary to close film for several days, and then to spray with garlic infusion.

The basic at care in house conditions behind Benjamin's ficus is the attentive relation to condition of plant. Any changes can demonstrate unsuccessful succession of events. In due time taken measures allow to avoid development of disease. For this purpose it is necessary to clean periodically plant from the dried-up leaves, and in particularly complex cases to replace in other capacity.

Care for Benjamin's ficus in house conditions requires constant attention and reaction even on minor changes. For example, drying up of branch can testify to the beginning of rotting of roots which are provoked by the rehumidified soil. The stop of formation of new leaflets warns about fast death of plant if measures are not taken.

It is possible to save ficus, having replaced it in the soil prepared for decorative and deciduous plants. At the same time the begun to rot roots need to be cut off, and to process the others powder of humate of potassium or sodium. Additive in bulk water of the medicine "Zircon" will help to strengthen roots. Can be sprayed with the same medicine (2 drops on glass of water) leaves. Despite difficulties of care for Benjamin's ficus in house conditions, he will thank the owner great view of evergreen beautiful plant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team