Berry yew: useful properties

Berry yew: useful properties

"Yew" which was considered as tree of kings earlier is a lot of myths and legends around very beautiful tree. "… And the king there was yew that the first in Britain of rules …".

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Description of tree "Berry yew"

Useful properties and application

Description of tree "Berry yew"

 On seasonal and personal plots were afraid to plant plant because of its virulence. Over time yew grades which used at the correct leaving instead of green hedge and also for decoration of the central beds have been removed.

"The berry yew" (Latin of Taxus baccata) is unique plant, family yew. The evergreen coniferous long-liver grows slowly. There is legend that in shadow of this tree Pontius Pilate had a rest.

There are types of yew from bushes to high trees. From bark to leaves yew tree poisonous as contains: terpenoid, taksifillin, alkaloids, ephedrine, tannins, phenols. But also it is rich - vitamins, flavonoids, carbohydrates. Animals avoid this plant as cases of their poisoning were noted. And here pulp of berries with pleasure is pecked by birds, small animals eat. Earlier the yew had extensive territories of growth, became gradually exterminated because of value and durability of wood. "Yew" takes root on any soil, and thanks to big root system itself extracts to itself water during the droughty period.  

Useful properties and application

"The berry yew" is useful at the correct use from bark to needles. The useful substances extracted from yew use in medicine. Bark and wood in dressing, construction.

In medicine apply as a part of homeopathic medicines, and in phytotherapy (as a part of grass collecting). Depending on part of use of tree, has such properties as:

- expectorant; - spazmolitichesky; - protivozudny (pediculosis); - at kidney and hepatic diseases; - anti-rheumatic. Also at diseases of digestive tract and throat.

It is widely applied in medicine to production of antineoplastic medicines (industrial scales). And in traditional medicine as lotions at diseases of skin and at rheumatism.  

At poisoning with the seeds which have got accidentally there can be belly-ache, tachycardia, the general weakness, vomiting, spasms. At emergence of such symptoms, urgently to make washing of stomach and to call the ambulance. If the help is rendered with lateness, there can come death.

Wood of very beautiful saturated red color changing under the influence of water till color of fuchsia very much resembles over time ebony. Do decor on musical instruments, furniture, weapon, the body of the ships of it. Has bactericidal property and therefore has been quite often used in dwelling decor as protection against epidemics and infections. It was in the ancient time used in production of coffin, for burial of the nobility. Rendered her tribute.

The yew is beautiful and decorative. Cutting off young bushes, it is possible to form "bonsai" of any form. On dark needles ripe berries of yew of brightly red color beautifully look.

It is necessary to take any drug containing yew in structure strictly on doctor's orders. Symptoms are very similar to the beginning of flu.

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