Bituminous mastic for roof: features

Bituminous mastic for roof: features

Bituminous mastic for roof - the plastic building material having excellent waterproofing properties. When heating becomes liquid, but quickly hardens. Bituminous mastic can be applied independently, without using the help of professionals.


Bituminous mastic is widely used for carrying out roofing works. It has many positive properties:

  • waterproofing large-scale;
  • resistance to emergence of mold, other microorganisms;
  • adhesion large-scale;
  • excellent elasticity;
  • opportunity to level surfaces;
  • lack of tendency to cracking.

Mastic bituminous can be 2 types: cold, hot. Cold more dense, it is applied with spatula. Hot it is necessary to warm previously, then to pour out on surface and to level.

Application in roofing works

Mastic bituminous is used for roofing works on any surfaces (concrete, tile, roofing material, etc.). It is applied on flat, dome, pitched roofs and also to finishing of spires. The best option of use of material are: repair of roof, covering rolled materials, waterproofing works.

The excellent elasticity provides reliable protection against leakages, material well pressurizes surfaces, flues, water cunettes, ventkanala. Mastic will allow to eliminate defects, to close up seams, joints.

How to execute repair of roof with bituminous mastic

Let's consider at first how to make repair of roof with use of cold mastic.

  • Clean roof from pollution, garbage.
  • Remove part of the deformed covering, put equal patches.
  • If in the instruction it is noted that material is admissible to be applied in humid environment, dry roof.
  • Mix mastic, if necessary add solvent.
  • Cut roofing material on pieces of the necessary sizes.
  • Apply mastic with the normal palette on reverse of the prepared roofing material.
  • Miss the mark with mastic the sites of roof demanding repair.
  • Execute laying of roofing material on the prepared basis and press it hands.
  • Miss the mark with mastic of edge of roofing material to close position of joints with roof.
  • Powder roofing material with sand that it has not overheated under the sun.

If hot mastic is chosen, previously warm up it. You apply material hot, using brush. It is necessary to make 2-3 layers which thickness in total has to be not less than 1-3 mm.

Rules of work

That roofing works were qualitative, follow several rules.

  • Well mix mastic, using drill with special nozzle or the construction mixer.
  • It is simpler to apply heated mastic. Cold material can be heated too, the warming up to +15 wasps suffices.
  • For the surfaces experiencing considerable strain, mechanical influences it is not recommended to choose kind of the mastic demanding heating.
  • If it is required to perform large volumes of roofing works, it is better to buy hot mastic.
  • Mastic is toxic, work with it, having put on respirator.

Perform roofing works with mastic in dry, sunny weather. It is not recommended to use material at temperature below-5 wasps. Hot mastic – combustible material, work with it at distance from fire sources.

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