Black-and-white wall-paper in interior - for thrill-seekers

Black-and-white wall-paper in interior - for thrill-seekers

Black-and-white wall-paper – impudent combination which everyone will hesitate to use in decoration of the walls. Before risking and pasting over walls in black-and-white gamma, it is necessary to think over carefully all design, considering features of the room and its main purpose. And still, making out the room in opposite flowers, it is very important not to allow creations of the gloomy and state situation deprived of cosiness and the atmosphere of comfort.

What it is necessary to remember, choosing black-and-white wall-paper

The interior in black-and-white gamma has to begin with the decision what color will predominate: black or white. At the same time important role is played by the room size.

You remember: white color has property to visually broaden rooms, and here black, on the contrary, to do space less, kind of narrowing it. Here the wall of the small-sized room which is pasted over with black wall-paper with the thin white drawing can serve as striking example. Such design, at incorrectly placed accents, can turn all room into cell.

It is separately necessary to tell also about the atmosphere which is created by each of flowers. So, white wall-paper adds to interior of "cool", and here black walls, on the contrary, give to the room "warmth" and some mysteriousness. If in pattern of your wall-paper black color prevails, then it will give to interior the atmosphere of security which is ideal for office. Besides, the quiet black-and-white combination in decoration of the walls will promote focus on work. As for registration of interior of the bedroom, in this option monochrome wall-paper will fill the room with the secret generated by magic tandem of black-and-white combination.

Black-and-white wall-paper in interior is relevant minimalism which will be fashionable always.

Simplicity and naturalness of black-and-white combination

The contrast of monochrome combination in decoration of the walls is so universal that can be successfully used for design of any room, whether it be corridor, kitchen or the living room, office or the bedroom. Black-and-white wall-paper perfectly looks both in small-sized rooms, and in interior of very big rooms. The most important here is to pick up correctly ratio of flowers to emphasize advantages and to hide desirable shortcomings of rooms. So, black light lines of pattern on light background will well add interior even of the small room. And here the white drawing on dark basis will create indoors glamourous and more chamber atmosphere which will be suitable for registration of the spacious hall. Ideal option for the high room - wall-paper with identical proportions of black and white colors. And here in interior of the small-sized apartment this type of wall-paper can be used only on the small site in the center of wall, as decorative background. Besides, the modern design offers new trend – monochrome photowall-paper for registration of interiors in style hi-tech. Urbanistic or photowall-paper in style industrial will become ideal addition of the living room. And that wall-paper looked exactly and was easily glued, experts recommend to apply flizelinovy glue which is developed on special process and is applied only on walls.

To support mysterious type of the interior issued by light wall-paper with the black drawing do not forget to use decorative elements in dark color.

Black-and-white walls – the choice of courageous and creative designers who not to be afraid to give to interior gloomy and depressive look. Correctly combining black color of wall-paper with light furniture, in interior it is possible to achieve perfection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team