Blush: how to put

Blush: how to put

refreshes skin, emphasizes cheekbones and does make-up complete. Besides they are fashionable now. Stylish girls are not limited to one shade for all occasions, using blush of different colors and textures. Learn to use this irreplaceable cosmetic product correctly. Having mastered several secrets of putting blush, you will be able to give in couple of minutes to the make-up fashionable stroke.

It is required to you

  • - blush of different textures and shades;
  • - round fluffy brush;
  • - flat brush;
  • - highlighter;
  • - friable powder;
  • - foundation or base under make-up.


  1. Choose the blush suitable for your type of skin. Fat will approach gel, powdery or liquid, dry skin will better look with soft cream blush. Select shade depending on skin shade - than it is lighter, especially blush has to have gentle tone. Very white skin is suited gentle-pink tone, suntanned there are coral, golden-beige and scarlet shades, swarty - plum, clean red and bright pink.
  2. For putting blush qualitative accessories are necessary. It is convenient to impose powdery means brush. The dense round brush with roundish cut allows to apply blush rather brightly, and flat with slanting cut gives more gentle covering veil. Such brush it is convenient to skulpturirovat the person, creating shadows under cheekbones, shading the line of chin and forehead.
  3. Before putting blush prepare skin. Apply on it basis under make-up - better to drive in it with finger-tips. The base will smooth skin, will level its tone and will not allow blush to fail during time. If on face there are minor defects, it is better to use foundation - put it independently or over basis.
  4. If you are going to use dry blush, powder face brush or sponge. Then gather on flat brush from natural or synthetic bristle blush and carry out by her on cheekbone. Conduct the line to temples, and then to chin. Shade blush, they have to lay down very much film.
  5. Do not impose blush under cheekbones - it will give to the face sickly look. Visually to make the person is younger, apply flush on the most convex part of cheek which is accurately designated at smile. For the general freshness of image blush it is possible to touch forehead and chin slightly. But do not go too far, on face there should not be bright spots.
  6. Do you want to strengthen flush? Use dense round brush kabuki. With circular motions impose blush, kind of rubbing them in skin. Try fashionable reception - at first put lighter shade on cheeks, and then strengthen its dark.
  7. The golden highlighter will help to add to opaque blush gloss. Having made up cheeks, gather a little powdery highlighter on brush and brush away with it cheekbones. Such make-up will be suitable for party, it will be beautifully poured by the light of lamps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team