Board oak cut: properties, application

Board oak cut: properties, application

The board oak cut (planed) is qualitative timber which is applied to exterior finish, production of floors, fences, decorative elements.

Parameters and properties of board oak cut

Usually in the market of construction materials the board from 2 to 6 meters long and from 2.2 to 15 centimeters thick meets. At ratio of length and thickness of eaves board close to unit it is called bar.

Other parameters by which classify eaves board is humidity and grade. Oak boards are divided by humidity on:

- raw material (moisture in it from 22% and above); - dry (moisture in it from 8 to 21%);-crude antiseptirovanny.

On grade the eaves boards according to state standard specification happen: - perfect, they are used in shipbuilding and automotive industry; - boards of the I grade, also apply them in sudo- and automotive industry, and in addition in construction and at production of furniture; - boards of the II grade are necessary in the same industries, as the first two grades, but on less significant positions; - boards of the III grade use to similarly better raw materials, and even at production of various packings and container; - boards of the IV grade are necessary for production of low-responsible parts.

Boards from oak cost expensive, but because of quality and durability, they are demanded and constantly are in great demand.

Oak wood heavy, firm and dense, it has high resistance to rotting. Because of the last property it is often used for finishing of bathrooms, saunas, baths, kitchens.

Choosing oak board, it is necessary to look attentively whether there are on it no traces of deformation, cracks and gaps on faces. Availability of these defects says about the wrong drying that it considerably will reduce board life cycle.

Color of oak wood can vary from light-straw to red-black. Than the tree is more senior, especially saturated is its shade.

Application of oak eaves board

Because of high wear resistance the oak board is used for creation of floors. Oak floors possess excellent mechanical strength. Besides such property of oak wood as viscosity, does boards flexible and capable to hold nails and screws that is important at operation of floor.

To receive other shade or to completely change color of oak board, it is subjected to toning and varnished. Before varnishing of board process the pore filling agent, it prevents varnish penetration deep into of wood.

Make furniture, outer and interroom doors, windows, ladders, decorative grids and panels, roofing frameworks of planed oak boards. Products from oak are ecologically safe for human health.

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