Border for bed: what material to choose

Border for bed: what material to choose

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The garden with flowers and other plantings will look well-kept and finished only in the presence of certain elements from which it is possible to distinguish borders for beds. Materials for border there is set, the choice needs to be made depending on features of relief of the seasonal dacha, design of garden, the house and other constructions.

For what the garden border is necessary

By means of garden border it is possible to separate zones of personal plot – lawns, beds, flower beds, paths or beds. The border interferes with hit of soil or gravel on lawn, does not allow lawn grass to sprout on paths, beds and flower beds.

Border from natural stone

The natural stone is ideal for creation of borders. It can be big blocks of unusual forms or the small stone which is filled in with concrete. The breed and form of stone has to fit into design and style of surrounding buildings organically. The natural stone is well combined with falls, rock gardens, various relief designs.

Artificial stone for border

Not always it is possible to afford natural stone as this material not the cheapest. In this case it is possible to give preference to artificial stone.

Concrete border

Concrete is convenient that from it it is possible to fill in border of any form. For masters it opens broad lands for imagination and creativity. All borders on the site can be filled in independently, decorating them in any ways, for example, adding pieces of brick, stone, glass or other improvised materials.

Brick border on the site

Owners of personal plot in style of country most of all will suit the borders executed brick. For them it is necessary to make concrete pad, and bricks can be fixed vertically, horizontally or under inclination. Very beautiful combination – brick bed and flowers of the brightest coloring.

Wooden borders

The tree is choosy material, especially where adjoins to soil, but if to exclude stagnation of water and education decayed, then it is possible to build borders of the most improbable forms. The wattle fence will please someone, and other owner will prefer massive board or border from bars of different form. The main thing is to process carefully tree that it has served as long as possible.

Protections from plastic

For those who want to decorate the garden site, but at the same time do not want or cannot spend a lot of time for arrangement plastic borders will become convenient option. They are on sale in finished form and are easily mounted. After them easily it will be possible to replace with borders from other materials.

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