Boxes for the bathroom: 5 options of designs

Boxes for the bathroom: 5 options of designs

Quite often because of the poor sizes of bathrooms their furniture is threatened: for storage of the necessary trifles it is simple not to do without boxes. On this case there are several options of special designs of furniture of bathrooms: from plasterboard to mirror and glass.

Design No. 1. Mirror and glass boxes

For the people who are not afraid of constant cleaning in the bathroom smooth and glass surfaces of boxes will be suitable for storage of trifles. Especially refined options are complemented with noble gloss of the chromeplated metal executed under gold or silver.

It is possible not to be afraid to buy such option of design of boxes for bathrooms in terms of their fragility, now all similar furniture is made of high-impact opal glass. Besides, it transparent therefore looks perfectly.

However if from the crane hard water runs, then with the chromeplated surfaces it is better to refuse glass brilliant boxes, it is necessary to wash such furniture almost every day. All nothing and the limy raid from hard water is washed quite hard.

Design No. 2. Plasterboard boxes

From resistant to HL moisture it is simple to think up original design with all necessary boxes and openings, there would be desire. Depending on the area of the bathroom it is possible to choose the corresponding geometry of such design.

For example, in the bathroom with small area (in high-rise buildings) it is necessary to place regiments upward, and boxes – down. In own house the imagination scope is almost limited to nothing. If there was strong desire to make plasterboard "furniture" with boxes and shelves, it is necessary to pay attention to the following nuances.

  • As material it is necessary to choose only HL with moisture resistant (as green or blue) covering.
  • It is better to execute framework of furring from starting metal section. Wooden bars will be inappropriate here. Over time even the wood processed by all impregnations, being in the room with the increased humidity, will begin to decay in beautiful plasterboard design with boxes and regiments.

If to find the good specialist in plasterboard works, then in acquisition of mass-produced wooden furniture for bathrooms there is no need: now even the wooden boxes on conscience impregnated with special structures with water-repellent additives leave much to be desired.

Besides, the price of curbstone option most just with box leaves much to be desired. The knowing expert by means of, for example, moisture resistant HL, plastic rail and furniture fittings will be able to create really exceptional exclusive for the bathroom based on metal framework.

Design No. 3. Plastic boxes

The plastic bathroom furniture is considered simple, inexpensive and at the same time original. In general to find boxes for linen – not problem since in shops it is full of plastic containers for every taste and color. The main thing here is to choose the option fitting into bathroom in texture, color and the general design. When choosing such boxes it is necessary to rely on the following nuances.

  • It is the best of all to choose design with smooth surface. The seamy surface is hard washed, the brush for this purpose is required. It is much simpler to keep smooth designs without cambers and dredging on surfaces clean.
  • When choosing plastic design for the bathroom it is necessary to examine integrity of all boxes. Plastic during the wrong transportation to the place of sale can crack. If not to see it at once upon purchase, then it will be difficult to prove something.
  • It must be kept in mind that the plastic designs with boxes intended for the bathroom have one bad nuance: they are very easy, so, they need rigid fastening which needs to be thought over to trifles. It is possible to mount design with boxes by means of bracket to wall, and it is possible to paste design legs to floor.

For cleaning of plastic boxes on their internal shelves and the bottoms it is necessary to paste dense oilcloth. Here only it fastens not on glue, and on soap. The piece of oilcloth, necessary by the size, is for this purpose cut out, then soaked. Then it should be soaped, having put oilcloth to the right place. It keeps strong, and is removed – easily.

It should be noted that plastic boxes are allocated with one shortcoming: all of them have standard height therefore in them it is inconvenient to put high bottles with household chemicals. The solution of this problem – acquisition in addition to boxes of the closed shelves of different height.

Design No. 4. Boxes from bamboo

These are universal boxes which can be made independently. Bamboo – strong and incredibly beautiful light material. However the bamboo box for linen should be maintained in the general design of the room in Asian or east ethnic style.

It is necessary to understand that one box or the shelf here not to manage: the distinguished and beautiful invoice in combination with natural wood does not suffer the neighbourhood with modern plastic designs. When choosing bamboo furniture to the bathroom it is necessary to consider the following.

  • Upon purchase of material it is necessary to check wood for processing by moisture protective impregnations.
  • It is necessary to understand that bamboo designs are perfectly combined with plastic decor "under tree", but here glasses for such material do not approach. To the place floor wattled baskets mats in the Japanese style will look.
  • You should not choose dark colors, for example, wenge" for bamboo finishing in small bathrooms, otherwise already small space will be gone absolutely. It is better to prefer light-straw shades.

It is possible to change daily decor of boxes in Asian independently. For example, it is absolutely simple to make convenient hangers for towels and plain racks. For this purpose the screw driver, levels is required, it is a little patience and creative thinking. Self-tapping screws need to be chosen for fastening "on tree". On glue it is not recommended to put design – it will serve not for long.

Design No. 5. Design furniture

Boxes for linen to the bathroom can be issued independently – according to the taste and sense of style. As material old curbstones, racks, kitchen cases, etc. for this purpose will serve. One of ways – pasting of old kitchen case the washing wall-paper. Corners of case should be decorated with PVC corner from plastic, having put him on waterproof glue.

It is the best of all to decorate box under sink plastic panels which are easily glued on the corresponding waterproof glue. Corners are pasted over with PVC corners. The old hinged cabinet which is not located in wet zone can be decorated in vintage style. Varnish, mordant, paint is for this purpose necessary. Plastic corners for obvious reasons will not be necessary here.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team