Brazier or vertical BBQ grill?

Brazier or vertical BBQ grill?

The shish kebab is one of the first courses made by the person. In ancient times the nomads fried on spit of carcass of rams, geese, hares and other game. Only unlike them for preparation of modern dish marinade, and cutting of meat smaller is used. All this promotes faster cooking and large-scale of prozharivaniye.

The shish kebab fried in brazier, thanks to smoke, gains special aroma. Preparation of meat in such a way does not require electricity, and it is pleasant to look at flame of fire and the smoldering coals very much.

The electric shashlychnitsa has pluses too. It is possible to prepare shish kebab in her in any weather, it is for this purpose not necessary to go anywhere. It is worth turning on the device in the socket and to wait 15 minutes to try tasty meat dish. It is not necessary to watch all the time that meat has not burned and to twirl it for uniform prozharivaniye.

For the nonprofessional even in the cheapest vertical BBQ grill meat will prepare better, than on coals. It is achievable due to uniform warming up of meat pieces and optimum temperature in the device. It is convenient to prepare in it also because there is no need to fence off the place, to make fire, to mix coals and to extinguish flame uvulas. Electric devices are reliable and strong. Their weight and the size are less than same indicators at brazier. In case of fault emergence the vertical BBQ grill can be sorted and repaired. Speed of preparation of dish in it is higher, than at any wood or coal unit. Even the smell of shish kebab can be brought closer to "natural" as much as possible. For this purpose in elektroshashalychnitsa it is enough to put a little wood bark or sawdust. Besides, in shop it is possible to buy special mix for giving to dish of smell of smoke. And the wonderful aroma of fried meat just will not disappear anywhere. On electric shashlychnitsa it is possible to prepare not only shish kebab. Fry in them sausages, eggplants, ham, sausages, toasts, potato and so on. It is possible even to dry mushrooms and fruit. Vertical BBQ grills have also some shortcomings. They consume significant amount of the electric power, for working hours of 2.6 kW. The reason consists in high temperature of heating. On average TENy give 550 degrees, and some and on 800. In set only one set of skewers is usually delivered. It is sometimes inconvenient as it is necessary to wait for cooling already used to string the next portion of meat. The device it is necessary to wash and clean pallets from fat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team