Bug grinder: fight and prevention

Bug grinder: fight and prevention

Measures of prevention and fight against bug grinder include use of vaseline oil, turpentine, wormwood broth, etc. It is regularly important to carry out cleaning indoors with wooden furniture and to keep the last clean.

Wooden furniture, and most often ancient and antiquarian, such insects as bugs grinders quite often strike. They bite into wood, making twisting openings along its layers and reserving small groups of yellowish dust. How to struggle with bug bark beetle and what the prevention measures capable to save furniture from destruction exist?

Prevention measures

From wreckers it is necessary to be regular airing of the room the basis for prevention. It is necessary to carry out high-quality cleaning and to keep wooden elements of interior clean. Damp cleaning is carried out with use of disinfectants – monochloroamine, Polirol or "Lustre". Products from tree need to be painted or varnished in due time, and to wipe the raw surfaces with vaseline oil, mix of turpentine and kerosene in proportion 3:1 or special means against wreckers. Also saturated solution of naphthalene in gasoline will help to protect furniture.

It is recommended to rub wooden floors with mastic with turpentine. Will frighten off bug grinder some anti-fungal or detersive, besides will allow to support attractive exterior of wood. The bark beetle "does not love" taste the hill of wormwood therefore it is useful to wipe all wooden objects in the house it with broth. The only condition – any similar processing needs to be carried out to warm season.

Fight against bark beetle

If in ancient furniture flight openings with fresh thinnest dust have already appeared, it is necessary to take urgent measures. It is possible to prepare such mix: to mix kerosene, naphthalene and turpentine in proportion 1:1:10. Such structure has good fluidity, easily gets into time of wood and kills bug and larva of bark beetle. If the bug grinder has already begun to destroy wood, then decor elements from tree need not just to be processed vaseline oil, and to dig it from the syringe or the pipette in the done courses and to cover from above with wax, paraffin or window mastic. Such way of fight is recommended to repeat each 2-3 weeks before elimination of the wrecker. It is possible to impregnate furniture with ammonia solution. For this purpose under it it is necessary to place containers with alcohol, and to cover from above with polyethylene film. The evaporated alcohol will get into openings of furniture and will destroy the grinder. In month this manipulation is repeated. The good result is yielded by vinegar mix with garlic. It is possible to buy in shop special insecticidal medicine in the form of aerosol and to process it the places struck with bark beetle. After to cover them with paraffin or wax and to repeat the procedure before elimination of insects.

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