Bulbous miracles: the bright ideas for spring flower beds

Bulbous miracles: the bright ideas for spring flower beds

The bright spring bed of bulbous can easily give to any garden effective look, draw attention of neighbors and guests. In May it is capable to decorate the site with the red, yellow, white and mixed shades of rich colors of the dismissed and half-closed buds. Tulips, narcissuses, crocuses, hyacinths - these plants it is possible and it is necessary to sit down in flower beds, combining on color, zatsvetaniya time, growth. To put bulbous, many efforts will not be required, and here the ideas for garden decor these flowers it is possible to think up set.

Multi-colored spring "pioneers" — excellent decoration of the seasonal dacha or garden in April-May. Flowers grow from the bulbs planted in the fall very quickly, literally later few weeks after staivaniye of snow and drying of heated-up bed. Here only their flower growers usually simply - either rows, or small groups on color, grade sit down. And kind of the flower bed landed according to the scheme or the drawing, complemented with various compositions, primroses, snowdrops beautifully looked. It is actually simple to add landscaping of the territory if to realize some ideas on street decor.

The lake or the river from flowers

On any open clearing at giving or in garden it is possible to issue the real lake, stream or even the sea from simple bulbous plants. Unpretentious crocuses, muskar or glory-of-the-snow are suitable for creation of such landscape compositions. It is necessary to land them directly on the earth or lawn, having planned ""dry stream"" or ""twig"" of the necessary size. The main gamma should be maintained in dark blue-light blue tones, adding islands from tulips or hyacinths on ""coast"" of the improvised reservoir. 

It is quite good to add at the edges of ""river"" of path from pebble, gravel, to plant bushes host, to place the pots or amphoras symbolizing the beginning of source. That coast did not grow with weeds, it is necessary to zamulchirovat the soil pine bark. The only lack of such unusual idea - it is necessary to have rather big site in garden with rather plain surface, free from other landings and trees.

Compositions in flowerpots and containers

Even the beginning gardeners will be able to grow up bulbous in street flowerpots, having planted flowers late fall according to certain scheme. In shops, various big pots, containers from plastic, stone or cement and also special baskets for burying to the earth are on sale now. It is only necessary to place bulbs in soil, having sorted them by the size, height of stalks and color as there is a wish.

It is possible to place such baskets and pots not only on porch, terrace, verandah in the spring, but also to place at fence, along paths, on base perimeter. It is even simpler to use garden modules from bulbous, placing them in the suitable place of garden. Such compositions perfectly fit into landscaping, do not bring trouble upon the gardener. After the end of blossoming of tulips, crocuses or narcissuses of capacity just remove in secluded corner, leaving in shadow before drying of stalks.

Here the simplest idea on creation of beautiful composition from bulbous flowers:

  • on the background place in tanks of bulb of hazel grouse;
  • in the middle thrust tall tulips, and before them - undersized, having combined plants on color;
  • in the foreground leave narcissuses, muskar and crocuses.

Along fences and paths it is good to put different grades of tulips in several rows, having built three-colored or four-colored ""rainbow"". Such idea too simple performed by, but is required many bulbs on the long site.

Bulbous imaginations and pranks

In any, even the smallest recess of garden or giving, it is possible to arrange bulbous ""lawlessness"", having only called the imagination in assistants. It is possible to land hyacinths or crocuses in old boots, buckets, watering cans, to plant tulips in the foozle, to dilute the lake from muskara with garden figures or statues. 

Restrictions in such landscape creativity practically do not exist. It is possible to set with tulips or narcissuses basins full of holes, chairs without seats, even galvanized bathtub. It is quite good to dilute with uneven spots and green lawn, having brought creativity note in landings. The most important that in the fall the soil has been dug over, fertilized, and was enough planting stock for realization of the ideas.

If desired narcissuses or crocuses can be put even under bench or in paths, having taken out several tiles in the right places. Also compositions at gazebo, in old tires, decorative cachepots with gnomes will look not bad.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team