Bulk floors: universal decision

Bulk floors: universal decision

Modern construction materials qualitatively facilitate life to not only builders, but also owners. To take, for example, bulk floor – convenient and practical construction material which, in comparison with linoleum and ceramic tile, has number of advantages and deservedly enjoys wide popularity technology of bulk floor very simple also allows to do pretty fast mounting of floor covering even in rooms with big area.

Advantages of bulk floor

Normal floor even in residential building often experiences quite heavy loads and therefore it is inclined to fast abrasion and has limited life cycle. Earlier, that to avoid it, floor was closed linoleum, tile or parquet. But, it should be noted that all coverings demand replacement and restoration sooner or later. Besides, the price of such replacement cannot be budgetary and economical. Modern polymeric bulk floor is capable to resist any loadings as has the increased wear resistance and is abrasion-proof, and, so bulk floor is longer capable to keep esthetically attractive look and not to demand repair.

The following pernicious factor which does certain harm to any normal floor it is the chemical components which are often applied to cleaning of the room. The continuous contact of normal floor with cleaning agents, by all means, leads to change of exterior and loss of some quality characteristics of covering. In this regard any bulk floor as seamless polymeric material, differs in high resistance to long or continuous influence of aggressive chemical elements. Besides, smooth bulk floor interferes with accumulation of dirt, dust and bacteria, and, so is the excellent decision if in family someone has allergy.

And still It should be noted that polymeric bulk floor is floor with antistatic and fireproof properties. Besides, it has high crash-worthiness and can sustain even operation of the vibration equipment which can destroy cement screed. If earlier polymeric floor was applied more as industrial option of floor covering, then floors which today are self-leveled are widely used both at schools, and in hospitals, and in administrative agencies, and for registration of interiors of private cottages and apartments. Among the main advantages it should be noted that liquid bulk floor has very broad design and differs in ease of works on updating of the self-leveled covering. Usually, for this purpose on old floor just pour new thin layer of right color and design.

In comparison with piece and rolled floor materials bulk floor is convenient, practical and budgetary option of covering.

There are several types of the self-leveled mixes: it is polyurethane, cement and acrylic and epoxy type of floor. Production technique of bulk floor covering is similar for all types, and here quality characteristics differ. For this reason it is necessary to buy the self-leveled mix only after you have precisely defined the list of necessary characteristics which the your gender has to possess.

Shortcomings of the self-leveled floor

Essential shortcoming – the difficult device and preparation of the basis for bulk floor. The same linoleum does not demand special arrangement of the basis, everything that is necessary - it is to level surface. And here with bulk floor all differently: the basis has to be ideally smooth, equal and dry. Humidity monitoring of the basis on which floor will "be poured" is very responsible stage of mounting. Also it has been noted that some types of bulk coverings turn yellow under the influence of ultraviolet. Besides bulk floor after long life cycle all the same should be replaced. And if to buy and assign bulk gender - not problem, then as for dismantling - here it is necessary to put a lot of effort.

The correct laying of polymeric floor requires special purpose tool and certain knowledge which are possessed only by the expert.

And at last, it should be noted the fact that the price of bulk floor depends on the producer. Therefore before buying material, carry out the analysis of all suppliers, read responses on construction portals and find out the most optimal variant in section: price quality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team