Butterfly blackvein: fight methods

Butterfly blackvein: fight methods

It is quite often possible to observe lyot beautiful white butterflies with black streaks. Sometimes they are much, especially in droughty years. Butterflies everywhere: they are slaughtered into grids of radiators of cars, break against windshields, sit the whole colonies at pools. But the butterfly blackvein in itself does not do harm, on the contrary, she well pollinates garden and garden cultures as eats nectar. But here its larvae - caterpillars - the most real enemies of gardens.

It is required to you

  • - Lepidotsid;
  • - chemical insecticides.


1. Generally butterfly blackvein not absolutely wrecker of garden cultures. The fact is that she lays eggs on bird cherry and hawthorn, but in some years there is mass departure of these insects, and for all there are just not enough trees. Here then nothing remains to butterfly blackvein how to breed also on apple-trees, drainings and other garden cultures. She lays eggs on leaves, and soon there are caterpillars which devour leaves and create protective web around themselves. Also it is necessary to fight with them.

2. The simplest method is collecting of web with caterpillars manually. If attentively to take a closer look, it is possible to find also eggs. Such leaves it is necessary to tear off or remove from them eggs of butterfly. This method is good if you have several trees in garden and they are not too high.

3. If there is a lot of caterpillars that manually cannot simply be collected, apply biological medicines. Such as Lepidotsid and similar. Their action consists in violation of digestion at insects after hit in intestines. Caterpillars cease to eat and perish. At the same time medicine is absolutely safe for garden plants.

4. In the fall surely collect all fallen leaves and burn them therefore in them there can be dolls and also remove web slots from branches if you have missed them in the summer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team